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It was great to join you at the 2015 Victorian Visitor Information Centre Summit!

We hope you got some great takeaways and you are inspired to get started (or ramp up!) your social customer service and social advocacy for your region! Below are the key insights & additional resources for you to read as it relates to Social Media Marketing.

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The Smokin’ Hot Stats

In Rebecca’s presentations she referenced some statistics on online purchasing journey’s so we thought we’d share the links to the authoritative sources with you below for your continued learning.

Key Takeaways

1. Deliver Social Customer Service

  • Social Customer Service has exciting potential for VIC’s to help assist the connected, mobile traveller who wouldn’t normally visit a VIC in person.
  • What level of social media customer service could your VIC deliver?
  • Twitter & Facebook are the best channels to deliver it on.
  • Develop a social customer service policy – who, what, where, response time, tone of voice, processes.
  • Be ready with answers to the most common visitor questions.
  • Be prepared, not scared! Train relevant staff on policy, platforms and response plan

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2. Embrace TripAdvisor

  • TripAdvisor is a major influencer of your customers.
  • Take the lead and don’t miss the opportunity for your VIC, and free and managed council attractions to be found!
  • Claim and actively manage their listings, responding each week to reviews.
  • Many of your free attractions are key regional highlights.
  • Identify any not listed on TA, and list and update them. Periodically check feedback.

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3. Amplify Customer Love

  • What your happy visitors say about your region is the most trusted form of advertising. Ensure you collect and amplify it!
  • How can you encourage your visitors to share their love for your region online by sharing photos & videos? Via #hashtags, signage, check-ins, on your printed collateral (eg visitor maps) or via staff.
  • Engage with your online advocates to further build relationship and sharing

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4. Measure What Matters

  • Focus on measurements that matter, how many social customer service queries you deliver, how engaged social referral visitors are on your website and how much your visitors love you.
  • Use google analytics to measure engagement and conversions from social customer referrals.
  • Track what customers are saying about you online, such as positive social mentions and TripAdvisor reviews.

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