Tourism is a major economic driver for many destinations across Australia, and if it currently isn’t, then there may be untapped potential to strengthen local economies by leveraging & growing it’s tourism assets.

Through our experience working with Destinations, we understand the many and varied relationships that exist between Tourism Organisations and Local Government, and know that there is no silver bullet when it comes to developing a cohesive, collaborative, integrated strategy for a tourism brand.

At Tourism eSchool, we offer Regional Tourism Organisations and Local Government Bodies knowledge, insight, and tourism industry specialist support to develop Integrated Tourism Strategies which are developed in conjunction with key stakeholders and current economic strategies, to drive visitation.


  • "Adelaide's Western Region Councils (Cities of Charles Sturt, Holdfast Bay, Port Adelaide Enfield and West Torrens) engaged Tourism eSchool to prepare a Regional Tourism Destination Action Plan for the four Councils. We were really pleased with the facilitation of the workshop, development of the framework and insights into the tourism industry that were provided throughout the project and incorporated into the final plan. Rebecca and Paige are great communicators, flexible in their approach and able to deliver projects on time and on budget."

    Building Western Adelaide Alliance, Representatives from Adelaide's Western Region Councils, From August 2016 to February 2017
  • “I have worked with Tourism eSchool in a number of different capacities and I am always amazed by their depth of knowledge and expertise that they offer. Most recently I engaged with Paige & Rebecca to assist Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism with the development of a 3 year strategic plan. Through the pre-planning, workshop and actual development of a plan, these ladies have remained insightful, encouraging and professional. What I appreciate the most was their flexibility to work with me to help us achieve an acceptable outcome. They have excellent communication skills, marketing insight and business smarts, this leads to wanting the best result for the clients. I would recommend Paige & Rebecca if you require assistance with developing a strategic/business plan.”

    Miranda Lang, Executive Officer, Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism


Strategy Development Process

We appreciate that each project and client we work with have very different needs and objectives, but generally, we follow a very similar implementation process to delivered the required outcomes, which we’ve outlined below.

Step 1 – Client Briefing

  • Once appointed, we work closely with our client to determine the key objectives of the new strategy, as it relates to the overarching Goals of the Organisation.

Step 2 – Research & Analysis

  • We facilitate quantitative and qualitative research (online and in person) with key stakeholder groups to gain relevant insights to inform the strategy based on the objectives identified in Step 1.
  • We have successfully led Primary Research projects, obtaining accurate insights into latent demand, customer sentiment and brand awareness.
  • We have also briefed research agencies to develop tourism profiles for municipalities, if there currently isn’t accurate statistics available via Tourism Research Australia or other means.
  • In addition to this external study, we undertake an industry analysis of the local economy, referencing internal and external research documents and strategies.

Step 3 – Strategy Development

  • This is where we distill the information extracted from Step 2, and referencing our personal knowledge and experience, we write a comprehensive, holistic and realistic Strategy.

Step 4 – Draft Strategy Consultation

  • The Strategy will then be presented to relevant stakeholders for consultation and comment (if required), in a format appropriate and consistent with the Organisation’s policies.

Step 5 – Present Final Strategy

  • Once the consultation has been completed (if required), the Strategy will be reviewed based on the feedback, and changes made accordingly (if required).
  • The Final Strategy will be presented to the appropriate stakeholders at an agreed time. Following presentation of the document, we can also assist with the implementation of the strategy as it relates to tourism operator training and mentoring programs.


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