3 Content Themes that Attract & Convert Customers

You often hear the phrase “Content is king”.

But what type of content is actually “king”?

The answer is…

But how do you know what content will “attracts” and “converts”?

First you need know who your Ideal Customers are, so you know what is they are interested in and is relevant.

Then you simply need to focus on creating and sharing content on a regular basis that falls in the following 3 content themes.

1. Content that INSPIRES

Travel is all about inspiration.

I know I have chosen many a travel destination after seeing a single, beautiful photo of a destination.

Inspiring content is also what people love to see on social or email, as they are happy to escape from whatever they are doing for a few seconds!

Why share inspiring content?

1. Increases Brand Awareness. When you share inspiring content (and we are mainly talking a beautiful photo or video), this is the type of content people and other organisations (such as your local Destination Marketing Organisation or Visitor Information Centre) love to engage with and share with their family, friends and social communities, which means putting your tourism experience on the radar with new potential customers.

2. Customer Loyalty. Inspiring content is also great for keeping your tourism experience top of mind with people who ALREADY know about you, as it’s great for reminding people about all the amazing things they can do at your tourism experience and encourages them to re-visit or re-buy.

Inspiring content ideas:

Think photos mainly, as they stand out and capture people’s attention in a short space of time on social media. Here are inspiring content ideas that get the best engagement….

  • Colourful sunrises or sunsets
  • Beautiful views and landscapes
  • Delicious looking food
  • Cute wildlife
  • Interesting activities, such as ones that are relevant to your Ideal Customers, such as wine tasting, hiking, fishing, relaxing etc.
  • Quotes. Anything relevant that connects emotionally with your Ideal Customers.
  • Share a collection of any of the above photos in longer article on your website as a blog

Who does inspiring content well?

The Margaret River Discover Co

Margaret River Discover Company - Sunset

Tourism Australia

Tourism Australian IG Hinchinbrook Island

Pure New Zealand

Pure NZ Tongariro

2. Content the HELPS

Everyone loves it when they find a solution to their problem.

How to have a better holiday, such as where to find the best places to eat, drink, see, do or how to save time or hassles, always goes down well.

When you help people, it builds trust with them, they remember you, and they are more likely to consider your tourism experience when the time is right for them to buy or visit.

To come up with this type of content, think about the questions your best customers ask?

What problems can you solve through a blog article on your website or a great photo shared on social media media?

Helpful content ideas:

  • What’s on in your business or destination?
  • How to get to your business or destination, such as through an interesting itinerary?
  • What to see or ‘must dos’ in your destination?
  • Where to eat? Such as where’s the best spot for breakfast, coffee, casual lunch with kids etc.
  • Itinerary ideas. Such as 24 hours in your destination, getting to your business or destination from location x.
  • How to tips and hints.

Who does helpful content well?

Tourism Queensland Blog

Tourism Queensland 48 hours in

3. Content that tells a STORY

As humans, our lives are made up of stories.

We learn and connect best through storytelling that connects with the stories that we already resonate with.

Stories really come alive when they are coupled with an amazing visual or video content.

So when planning your content, think about how you can illustrate your story with an inspiring image or video.

Similar to content that “helps”, content that “tells a story” is fantastic for building trust and consideration with potential Ideal Customers and keeps you top of mind with existing customers for when they are ready to buy or visit again.

What stories can you tell that will resonate with your Ideal Customers?

Story ideas include:

  • Human stories. Tell us about you, your staff, how you got into business.
  • Destination stories. Share interesting history, facts or figures with a photo.
  • Product stories. How do you make, operate, create your tourism experience? Food stories, or even recipes.
  • Behind the scenes. What’s happening behind the scenes in your tourism experience, such as seasonal happenings or what are your staff up to today that people may find interesting
  • Interesting or quirky facts with great photo.

Who shares stories well?

Humans of New York

Humans of New York

Tourism Australia’s Restaurant Australia Campaign Website 

Restaurant Australia

Arghh! But I can’t take a decent photo or video?

Never fear, check out the fabulous free photo and video editing websites and apps we share on the blog which make it super easy to create awesome photos and video content in no time.

Your Challenge

We challenge you brainstorm out 10 helpful, inspiring and story ideas your Ideal Customers would love to see.

Then, take action and create the content and share out on social media and email, and see what happens!


About the author, Rebecca White

Rebecca is the co-director of Tourism eSchool, and she loves helping tourism businesses grow their bookings and profits by marketing smarter, not harder. She also helps destinations get more bang for their marketing buck with strategic marketing planning.

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