How to Create Raving Fans for Tourism Operators – Part 2

As you learnt in Part 1 of this series, it’s amazing to learn that up to half of your customer’s happiness of their experience with you is made up of their anticipation and memory of their time with you (not just their actual experience!).

In Part 2 of the series we continue to learn at how you can make your customers even happier, looking specifically at:

  • Simple things you can do to help your customers have an even more amazing time when visiting you.
  • How to create more positive memories for your customers of their time with you.

Your Action Items…

  • Brainstorm how can you help your customers “immerse” themselves fully in your tourism experience & region?
  • Think of ideas of how can you help your customers “focus” their choices that feels helpful and reduces the stress of decision-making?
  • What can you do to make your customers feel “special” (even compared to other customer?
  • What is your customer’s last impression of your tourism experience? How can you make it a positive one?
  • How can you surprise and delight your customers during their experience with you?
  • How can you reinforce the positives and displace the negative of customer’s experience with you?