How to Create Raving Fans for Tourism Operators – Part 1

Hi, and welcome to our 3-part webinar series “How to Create Raving Fans & Grow Sales and Profits for Tourism Operators”

It’s great to have you on board, and we hope you are able to take away some insight and practical application on how to create an amazing customer experience.

In our first Webinar we take a look at:

  • Why happy customers are so important to your business’s bottom line
  • Tips on how to make your customer’s happier. Surprisingly it’s not just about creating a great product experience.


Your Action Items

  • What can you show customers once they have decided to book or visit to give them something to look forward to?
  • What “time limited” tourism experiences do you have that your Ideal Customer would love? How can you frame in a way to make them a treat for your customers?

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