The Content Challenge for Destination Marketers – Part 3

Now that you are all over the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of Content Marketing, it’s time to move onto looking at the ‘who’ and ‘how’.

So we’re going to finish the series by running through:

  • How to resource your content creation to ensure you have loads of inspiring, helpful and engaging content to share on your blog, and
  • How you can leverage each and every blog post, so that you get maximum exposure online for the content, and therefore generate increased, measurable conversions on your website


Your Action Items…

  • Resource your content creation adequately – start the way you mean to end!
  • Identify ways to capture content to curate for blog posts (Hashtags on social media)
  • Identify possible content creators / co-creators and leverage current content
  • Develop a policy re: content creation, to enable smooth production of content
  • Schedule posts for social media, enewsletters (use the Buffer App) and ask operators to share on their social & enews comms
  • Re-share evergreen content regularly – use Buffer / Hootsuite / CoSchedule

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