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our sustainability

As a small Australian business, supporting 5 growing families, we are consciously aware of what we can do to create a positive future for our children and grandchildren.

After growing up on the land, and still living in rural Australia, our lives are connected deeply with rural living and local communities, and with this, we have an sense of responsibility for nurturing of our environment.

What we've learnt on our journey to becoming more sustainable, is that making change for 'the greater good' isn't about doing a million different things, it's about investing in incremental long-term, achievable change, for the better.

We are on a continual journey to build our awareness, and we are always re-evaluating our processes and systems to challenge us on this journey to becoming a more sustainable as a workplace to ensure a healthy, productive planet for future generations.

our journey to becoming more sustainable

Working from Home

Since we started our business in 2012, we have always worked from home.

By working from home, we reduced our overall usage of electricity (including use of solar power and LED lighting) and other consumables, along with associated commuting emissions.

We also reduce unnecessary waste with a paperless office.

Working Online

Since we started our business in 2012, we have always preferred and opted to use online/digital technologies for meetings, rather than travel for meetings.

This not only boosts productivity, but reduces our travel related carbon emissions - all whilst maintaining client satisfaction and achieving growth in our business year on year.

carbon off-set travel

When we do travel interstate via air, we invest in certified airline carbon offset schemes.

Whereby, we pay additional investment to support airline-initiated projects that either take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or avoid its release – effectively counterbalancing the emissions associated with our flights.

sustainable planning

We are not only committed to learning more about how we can achieve our own personal sustainability goals, but also looking at embedding a sustainability mindset throughout our mentoring and planning frameworks.

regenerative tourism

We have joined the very inspiring yet challenging 2022 intake of Tourism CoLab Regenerative Tourism By Design to help us re-examine everything we know about destination management planning and the “traditional” strategic planning model used by consultants and industry for the last few decades.


We're reading and learning widely in this space, and sharing best practice knowledge with industry in our Mentoring Programs, Speaking and Blogs.