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It was great to join you at the 2015 SA Visitor Information Centre Conference!

We hope you got some great takeaways and you are inspired to get started (or ramp up!) your social media marketing for your region! Below are the key insights & additional resources for you to read as it relates to Content Creation and Social Media Marketing.

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The Smokin’ Hot Stats

In Rebecca’s presentations she referenced some statistics on online purchasing journey’s, smartphone usage & visual content marketing, so we thought we’d share the links to the authoratitive sources with you below for your continued learning.

Key Takeaways from Presentation 1

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1. Identify your Customer(s) Online Purchase Journey

  • Understand their buying predispositions, and emotional reasoning when it comes to purchasing your product.
  • Identify key areas in your Ideal Customer’s ZMOT where you can get your brand in front of them!

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2. Create and Share Epic Content

  • Regularly create and share epic content (helps, inspires, tells stories) your ideal customers love
  • Share it out on social, email and your website blog.
  • Use tagging and #hashtags to amplify your content so SATC and Tourism Australia may pick up and share on their social media communities for increasing brand awareness of your region.

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3. Own your epic content

  • Put your epic content on a blog on your VIC or Region’s website, so you can share it out on social and bring visitors back to your website.

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4 & 5. Take amazing photos

  • Everyone on your VIC team can be content creators!
  • Use our composition tips to take better photos & videos
  • Use photo editing tools to make them look as good as possible before sharing online

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6. Work smarter with your epic content creation

  • You don’t have to create all the content yourself. Bring on board your staff, colleagues, tourism operators and customers!
  • User generated content from customers/digital influencers is a great way to get awesome content to re-share on your social media pages.
  • Identify how you will collect user generated content for your social media pages
  • What keywords can you you monitor on social media to identify a wider range of user generated content for your region?

7. Optimise your epic content for engagement and conversions

  • Post content natively to social media – please don’t link posting from one social media account (eg Facebook), directly to another social media account (eg Twitter!).
  • Ensure content is optimised for viewing on mobile
  • Use hashtags with care depending on the social channel you are on.

8. Nurture the Relationship on Email

  • Work with your RTO to develop a email marketing strategy for your region.
  • Set up for email marketing by researching email service providers
  • Think about what incentive you can offer to encourage customers to join your email newsletter list.
  • Ask customers to join your email list at every touch point, such as social media profiles, website and booking/eCommerce systems.
  • Work with your RTO to regularly send targeted eNews to different customers segments that offers more value than sales.

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9. Commit for the Long Haul

  • Work with your RTO to develop an online communication strategy for sharing your epic content and sales messages to your different ideal customer segments.
  • Ensure the frequency of your “giving” content to balance out the “taking” content, aiming for around a 90% giving epic content vs 10% targeted sales messages.

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10. Amplify Customer Love

  • What your happy visitors say about your region is the most trusted form of advertising. Ensure you collect and amplify it!
  • Specifically ask and/or enable visitors to share before, during and after their experience in your region.

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Key Takeaways from Presentation 2

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1. Online Reputation Management

  • Ensure you have a social media policy in place that guides positive, negative and customer service monitoring and responding.
  • Ensure all staff are trained in the policy

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2. Rock Your Engagement

To help with increasing engagement on your social media pages, and ensuring your content is working hard to help achieve your destination marketing goals, tips you can use are.

  • Use social platforms analytics to measure engagement of your content.
  • Facebook Insights for Facebook, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics and Iconosquare for Instagram Analytics
  • Share content when customers are online.

Rock Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube

  • Optimise all of your social media profiles to encourage customers to take the next steps, such as visit your website, book, call or join your email newsletter list.
  • Use www.canva.com to create your own on brand custom social media graphics
  • Learn how to post content correctly in each social media platform to ensure maximum engagement.

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3. Measure What Matters

  • Focus on measurements that matter, how engaged customers are, how well your marketing is going at generating enquiries and sales and how much your customers love you.
  • Use social platforms analytics to measure engagement of your content
  • Use google analytics to measure engagement and conversions from social and email.
  • Track what customers are saying about you online.

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