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A micro tourism CONSULTANCY Dedicated to the Australian
tourism industry

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about who we are, what our values are, and how we can empower you and your team to drive growth in your local visitor economy.


We’re Paige and Rebecca, the owners and directors of Tourism eSchool. It’s so lovely to meet you!

Our story began with just us partnering as a Tourism eSchool, a micro-consultancy in 2012, until we welcomed our valued team members, Lachlan and Brooke in recent years.

As a team, we have been working in the tourism industry for a many years years, including time with the South Australian Tourism Commission. As a consultancy we thoroughly enjoy building robust and trusting relationships with tourism industry colleagues across Australia, from both private and public sectors.

Since starting Tourism eSchool, our key goal was to provide a specialised service based on value specifically for the tourism industry, which has seen our business expand to offer strategic planning, destination marketing and project management over the past 10 years due to requests from our many wonderful clients across Australia.

Today, we still work with clients nationally, specialising in destination planning and mentoring, project implementation and industry mentoring and training, and you can see some of our recent works in our Portfolio.

Whilst we may look like we’re growing into an bigger agency, we are still very much a family orientated small business, working with a handful of destination clients at any one time, with a laser focus on delivering value and a commitment to our core values of being down to earth, trustworthy and generous.

It's exciting and an absolute privilege to help organisations unlock the potential of their destinations, and we hope we get to work with you are your team soon.

Paige, Rebecca, Lachie and Brooke



Our Values

We love what we do, and we love working with people who love what they do, too.

We’re in tourism for the same reasons as you… for the people you meet, and relationships you build. We are a tight knit family and when we work with our clients, they become part of our family too.

We value close relationships with our clients, and we encourage a partnership rather than an arms-length contractor approach – we like to feel and act as part of your team, not as outsourced help. To our clients, this looks like full immersion in the destination, dedication, transparency, collaboration, trust and above all fun and friendship!



Learn a little more
about us

Rebecca White Tourism eSchool



I have been very fortunate to have over a decade of hands-on tourism marketing experience with the South Australia Tourism Commission (along side Lachie!), including trade marketing, consumer marketing, PR, consumer campaigns, and app & website development.

During this time I got to work with many fantastic Tourism Operators, helping them with their marketing, with a focus on International Marketing. I also received first-hand understanding of the day to day reality of running a profitable tourism business and the many demands on a tourism business owner’s time and money.

My current focus and is helping destinations and tourism operators tell better stories of their regions to drive year round demand for their experiences. Also helping organisations and businesses deliver exceptional experiences so they can drive amazing word of mouth marketing for their destinations or experiences.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism (Event Management)
  • Certificate IV Frontline Management

What you may not know about me…

I grew up on a farm in the southern Clare Valley in South Australia, I’m very fortunate to still have family there and also in the Barossa. Many a family holiday was spent exploring Australia, watching travel shows such as Getaway and reading Dad’s Australian Geographic Magazines inspired my early love of travel and the great outdoors.

When I have a spare minute you can find me pottering in the garden (my second love after travel and tourism is gardening!), cooking some of my vege garden produce or doing something active like cycling or hiking with my boys.

My travel highlights reel

As with many of us in the Tourism Industry, I love travelling. I have explored just about every corner of South Australia, and many parts of Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. This extensive travel also provides practical experience as your travelling customer.

Some recent travel highlights include Tasmania's wilderness experiences such as Cradle Mountain, Corinna and Freycinet Peninsula, as well as Mountain Biking in Derby. A camping road trip throughout Central Australia, including Uluru, King’s Canyon, Western Macs and Alice Springs; a camping road trip around WA’s South West Corner - we were particularly blown away by the beaches around Esperance, Denmark and Margaret River. Then there’s New Zealand - always great for hiking and a self-driving holiday.

What’s next on the bucket list?

My two sons love anything active and adventurous, so my husband and I take our boys camping, hiking, kayaking and cycling as often as we can – we have a long Australian travel bucket list we are working through.

We managed a 3 week self drive holiday in Tasmania (early 2021), and so have closer to home experiences such as houseboating on the Murray River and a Flinders Ranges Station Stay next on the cards in SA. WA is also on the cards for a longer trip, with our sights set on snorkelling with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef in WA, and a trip out to Cocos Keeling and Christmas Islands (an occupation hazard is that many of our destination clients end up on my travel to visit list!).



Owner, director

After starting my tourism career in destination marketing in the Barossa with the South Australian Tourism Commission, I’ve been fortunate enough to immerse myself in all things tourism for the best part of the last 12 years.

Living in the beautiful Clare Valley tourism region in South Australia, my passion absolutely sits with helping regional communities drive growth of their visitor economies, whether it is through improved planning, marketing implementation, or strategic projects.

My current focus (or passion if you like!) is looking at how regional leadership teams can better engage communities to ensure all destination management and marketing planning and investment reflects the needs of their locals and their special places.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Management (Major Marketing, Minor Tourism)
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning – Secondary School

What you may not know about me…

After moving to Adelaide to study Marketing at the age of 17 after a wonderful childhood living in Cleve on Eyre Peninsula, I’m back enjoying country life in the Clare Valley with my husband and 3 kids, where together we run a Mernowie Poll Merinos sheep stud, along with a mixed broadacre enterprise.

Apart from chasing after 3 kids, I love my sport... playing netball, basketball, going to gym and I'm an big AFL and Geelong Cats fan.

My travel highlights reel

After travelling through Europe and the UK in my early 20s and falling in love with the Greek Islands, I’m loving getting to know my own backyard, spending time around our beautiful country with the family – but only when it’s not seeding, haymaking, harvest, or sheep sale times of the year!

My visits to Parliament House and the War Memorial in Canberra while on a recent work trip have been recent travel highlights. I also loved our trip to New Zealand’s South Island, especially choppering over and landing on top of Fox Glacier.

What’s next on the bucket list?

It's #vanlife holidays for my family at the moment, with 3 kids under 9... so we've got a trip to the Grampians locked and loaded this year, followed by a girls trip to Perth and Margaret River which I'm looking forward to!

I also have a growing list of places around Australia that I can't wait to explore, including the stunning beach life along WA's South West and the Geelong and the Bellarine, as well as the NSW Blue Mountains and South Coast.

A trip to over to Canada is hopefully on the cards in the longer term future, but we may head to New Zealand again with kids to get back on the skis (although, I think I’ll be hanging out with the kids on the easy slopes)!

Lachie Swan Tourism ESchool


destination marketing specialist

Having been fortunate enough to spend nearly 18 years working at the South Australian Tourism Commission (10 or so of those years with Rebecca!), I’ve been in plenty of hands-on roles within the trade and consumer marketing environment, with a specialist focus in online communications and a decade in social media and content marketing roles encompassing strategy, curation, copywriting, community management, paid promotion and analytics.

Since leaving the SATC to explore new horizons in 2019, I’ve worked in Marketing and Communications for MOD, Australia’s leading future-focused museum at the University of SA. I’ve also been busy running my own social media and content representation business, with a range of clients across the tourism accommodation and destination sectors.

My Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma of Tourism (Business)
  • Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management)

What you may not know about me…

I’m the only city kid born to a big country family, and I spent most of my younger years hopping back and forth between Broken Hill and Adelaide, so I’m definitely a country kid at heart.

I’ve got an intense love for the ocean, and while I once surfed every other day on the beaches of Fleurieu Peninsula, my long golden locks have been replaced with a shiny bald noggin - and an eye for photography that keeps me busy in my spare time.

My travel highlights reel

I’ve been lucky enough to explore lots of places both in Australia and overseas. Having spent a couple of years living in the US, I packed my bags for home via Europe with my beautiful wife and settled back in Adelaide, with a mind set on exploring my own back yard.

From shark cage diving on Eyre Peninsula to wildlife spotting on Kangaroo Island and hanging out of plane windows over Lake Eyre, I’ve railed, flown and driven my way across much of the continent. Whether it’s kicking back on West Australian and Queensland beaches, weaving along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road or hitting the dusty roads of the outback, I’m always in my element away from home base.

With side adventures across NZ, Asia and the South Pacific, my pursuit for amazing travel experiences is pretty hard to quell, which is exactly why I love what I do.

What’s next on the bucket list?

It’s tough to go past Western Australia’s Coral Coast and North-West, from snorkelling with whale-sharks at Ningaloo to exploring the red ramparts of the Kimberley and the glistening beaches of Broome.

A road trip from Adelaide to Darwin is also on the cards, and of course a big drive trip through Tassie’s stunning wilderness and is permanently on our family’s radar.



Visitor Economy specialist

Like Paige, I too kicked off my tourism career in destination marketing in the Barossa with the South Australian Tourism Commission in 2007, as a graduate from the University of South Australia. Fast-forward 15 years later and I’ve enjoyed an incredibly rewarding career in tourism working in a multitude of tourism roles over the years.

Growing up and living in the gorgeous Yorke Peninsula tourism region in South Australia, I am incredibly passionate about local tourism industries and the importance they play within regional economies. The people within these communities are what motivate me to strive and prepare the next destination management strategy or marketing plan to collaborate and grow.

My current focus is working with stakeholders to better understand and create strategies on how to best manage tourism, the visitor economy and our precious ecosystem so that all can thrive equally. I have more learning to do in this space but it is one I am incredibly passionate about.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Management (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)

What you may not know about me…

I moved to Adelaide when I was 18 to complete my university studies. I was then lucky enough to work for the SATC in a number of roles and regions, including a stint in the London office looking after the UK and Central Europe regions.

I’m now back living in Minlaton with my husband, twin sons and daughter, where we live a crazy beautiful life of FIFO work, farming and consulting.

I am a coffee-lover, wanna-be jogger and chit-chatterer. I enjoy long walks, beach days and spending time with family and friends (talking over coffee of course!).

My travel highlights reel

With young children, my most recent travel highlights are trips to regional South Australia in our Jayco Swift, often sharing them with friends. We recently visited Flinders Ranges, Riverland and Adelaide - all fabulous trips!

I have been very fortunate to have travelled to a number of countries with London, Berlin, Dublin, Copenhagen and all of New Zealand being a highlight. Finding out I was having twins  whilst working in London was a significant highlight!!

Back on Australian soil, the Sunshine Coast and Darwin are my recent favourites shared with family and friends.

What’s next on the bucket list?

Plenty more camping trips locally around South Australia - we have some of the most amazing environmental landscapes and national parks that we look forward to treading lightly and exploring.

Taking our daughter on her first plane trip to either Queensland or Tasmania is definitely on the cards, and hopefully one day a long-haul flight to experience the USA. In particular taking two sport-loving sons to an NBA game and Broadway musical.

What would you like to explore next?