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Time to take your visitor servicing +
destination marketing to the next level?

The ongoing impacts of COVID have absolutely changed the way people think about travel, and also changing types of visitors who can travel to your destination.

Travel motivations and challenges have changed significantly, along with the way people plan and book travel, and their expectations whilst they are in destination.

Good news is, that we've done the research, and have a clear path forward ready to share with you and your team, so you can capitalise on the new opportunities of 2022 and the opportunities of post covid vaccinated travel economy presents.

So, if you'd like us to support you in your journey to recovery and beyond, then we'd love you to consider joining our Bootcamp in August 2022!


We're Rebecca and Paige,
your mentors


Hey there... this is us, Rebecca on the Left, and Paige to the right!

For those who don't know us, or haven't worked with us before, we're two passionate tourism specialists, who have been floating around the Australian tourism industry for the last 25 years (or so!).

We've worked extensively in international & destination marketing, as strategists and marketing educators working with destinations, local governments and operators across Australia.

Since establishing Tourism eSchool back in 2012 (wow, that feels like a lifetime ago!), we've worked with many destinations, visitor centres and local governments, as well as hundreds of tourism businesses, training them on strategy, experience development and digital marketing.

We've also just taken on a new brilliant mind in the form of Lachlan Swan, who will also be helping facilitate this Program, and mentor you all too!

Read our 'About' page to learn more about each of us, and our stories >


Why we created this Program

We developed this Program in response to a series of challenges that many of our colleagues in visitor servicing and destination marketing roles have expressed to us over the past 9 years. These have never more clear than now, as we all support our destination recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the key challenges that we hear include:

  • The landscape for Visitor Servicing is changing, quickly

    Destinations aren't 100% sure of how to adapt what they are currently doing to market to and service their visitors to remain a relevant part of the customer's purchase journey. This is more important than ever with the changed traveller post-Covid and the massive digital adoption seen through the COVID lockdown.

  • Knowledge + Confidence to implement the right tactics

    It's essential that visitor servicing and destination marketing teams are efficient and effective with their budgets. And whilst there are numerous professional development opportunities for 101 tourism marketing available, there are no training opportunities that focus on visitor servicing and destination marketing specifically.

  • Tired of attending one-off webinars, conferences + workshops that don't add value

    Stand alone webinars and conferences (when they are able to run!) are great for networking, but more and more, they are a resource for inspiration, and not so much for actionable, practical advice teams can apply immediately and confidently.

I can highly recommend Tourism eSchool's Visitor Servicing and Destination Marketing Bootcamp.

The course was extremely beneficial for the staff of our Visitors Information Centre, with useful templates, loads of information, and valuable webinars. It was a great investment because we now don’t have to pay contractors to manage our own digital marketing and therefore it saves us precious dollars every year! Paige and Rebecca are amazing, helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and offer terrific advice in a prompt and professional manner!
Rose Evans, Team Leader Tourism and Economic Development, Norfolk Island Tourism

How does the
Program work?

Facilitated online. One Intake Per Year

The Program is facilitated (totally) online over the period of 3 months. Starts  August 2022. Registrations your interest now!

Whole of Organisation Registration

Have as many of your Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing Team join the program as you like, to ensure everyone is on board with developing and implementing your new strategies.

Live Training Webinars Each Fortnight

9 x 1 hour live training webinars that will cover each of the Program Modules outlined below, with each one recorded and made available via a secure membership area on the Tourism eSchool website.

Personalised mentoring from 3 Tourism Marketing Professionals

Access ongoing personalised mentoring from Rebecca, Paige + Lachie via our pre and post program meetings, the Live Training Webinars, Facebook Group and Coffee catchups!

Coffee Dates with Tourism eSchool

Join Paige, Rebecca and Lachie for a casual coffee catchup on Zoom every fortnight between live webinars to discuss all things destination marketing and visitor servicing (not just what you're learning in the Program)!

Network in our Private Facebook Group

Join our Bootcamp Facebook Group to ask us questions about the content within the Program, receive help with working through the program tasks and build relationships with and learn from other teams in the program.

'Done for You' Workbooks, Toolkits and Templates

We've spent 100+ hours perfecting our bespoke training materials, which have been designed specifically to help your team work toward implementing your digital visitor servicing and destination marketing tactics.

  • Module Workbooks. Value = $2,400

    For each Module, we have crafted a Workbook, which identifies actionable tasks, that together with the webinar,
    helps guide your team to implement you new learnings. Each Workbook also features live website links through
    to resources shared in the Module, and additional online resources for further professional development.

  • Destination Marketing + Visitor Servicing Planning Toolkit. Value = $10,000+

    Our Destination Marketing + Visitor Servicing Strategy Toolkit is 15+ worksheet Microsoft Excel document, which features easy to use formula based input fields, in conjunction with planning tables which are fully customisable.

    This Toolkit is used to record results and information on the nuts and bolts of planning and implementing your destination marketing + visitor servicing tactics, and can be used as a strategy document itself, or to inform the development of a formal strategy document.

  • Task Orientated Templates. Value = $1,500

    To delve deeper in the planning of specific marketing tactics, we’ve developed a series of Task Orientated Templates to assist your team to complete tasks to maximum potential, which leads to more strategic outcomes for your organisation.

Bootcamp Modules

Following are the Learning Modules we covered in 2021, and will be updated in 2022.  Please note these will be adapted and up to date at the time we deliver them based on Covid-19 recovery.  However all the topics we cover are timeless regardless of Covid!

Accountability and Support

We place a large emphasis on ensuring our participants and their organisations get the most value and best outcomes from the program. Therefore, to ensure maximum engagement and outcomes, each participant in this program will:

  • Pre-Program Survey + Team Meeting

    Prior to the start of the Program, we will ask your team to complete a pre-program survey, which helps us get to know your specific situation in detail, which helps us to be able to tailor the content for the course. From there, we will organise a time to meet with your team participating in the Program, to delve a little deeper into your situation and ensure we have a clear picture of your requirements.

  • Coffee with Tourism eSchool

    Participants are invited to a morning coffee catchup each fortnight (opposite to the live webinars) to discuss their learnings, networks and ask us any questions they have as they are implementing!

  • Ongoing Feedback and mentoring support

    Be offered the opportunity to receive feedback from Paige and Rebecca on tasks on an ongoing basis throughout the Program via email and through the private Facebook Group

  • Post-Program Team Meeting

    We will facilitate a meeting at the end of the Program with your team to see how you are how you are going with implementing your learnings, and if you have any immediate queries relating to what you've learnt throughout the Program.

  • Follow up on implementation progress

    Six months after the end of the Program, we will follow up with your team to hear about your achievements and successes, as it relates to the implementation of your learnings from the Program.

A very comprehensive, value-for-money program that I strongly recommend to others.

The Mentoring Program webinars enable participation when and where it suits you. You'll be provided with the latest knowledge and valuable tools and templates to take you from zero to hero in no time. These can be adapted to create your own actions and a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy. A very comprehensive, value-for-money program that I strongly recommend to others.
Melanie Grinter, Frankston Visitor Information Centre

Lifetime access to learning materials

If your organisation doesn't complete the Bootcamp within the 3 months of the Live webinars, you don’t need to worry, as your organisation will be able to access the content for the lifetime of the Program. Perfect for the current climate where things are changing by the day!

And, every time we update the content (when we run the Program in the following years), your organisation (and any new visitor servicing staff) will have the option to join in the live webinars, and will also be able to stay an active member of our private Facebook group!

It’s like a gift that keeps on giving!

I would highly recommend Tourism eSchool for those both new to the industry and those who are experienced - you will always learn new things and gain new insights!

I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Rebecca and Paige to further my understanding of the tourism industry and customer behaviour. Paige and Rebecca were fantastic tutors. The information provided in the program helped me to gain perspective, experience and real-world knowledge to implement within my businesses and to improve our outcomes. I would highly recommend Tourism eSchool for those both new to the industry and those who are experienced - you will always learn new things and gain new insights! Thanks very much for your expertise, I look forward to building stronger tourism businesses in the Rutherglen region.
Natalie Ajay, Destination Rutherglen & Winemakers of Rutherglen

Program alumni

We've been facilitating this annual program since 2018 and have 32 amazing
Alumni Organisations located across each state of Australia.

Each year we invite our Alumni to rejoin the program for free, where they can participate in our Live Webinars and Zoom Calls, and get all of the updated learning materials.

Alumni organisations can rejoin the Program year after year, to ensure all new staff in their organisation have the skills and knowledge to deliver their marketing and visitor servicing strategies with confidence.

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Could the Bootcamp be a good fit for your organisation?

This Program is designed specifically for tourism and local government organisations who are responsible for implementing destination marketing and visitor servicing tactics online.

Organisations could include:

  • Local Tourism Organisations
  • Regional Tourism Organisations
  • Local Government Organisations
  • Visitor Centres

The content within this Program is suitable for participants looking for intermediate-advanced level of learning.

The Program is also suitable for Organisations who have recently undertaken a Visitor Servicing Review or implemented a new Visitor Servicing Strategy.

We're always happy to chat on the phone if there are specific training outcomes you need for your new strategy to see if we can include them in our current module content.

The Mentoring Program was far beyond anything I expected. Rebecca and Paige were great mentors with a wealth of knowledge!

The Mentoring Program was far beyond anything I expected. Rebecca and Paige were great mentors with a wealth of knowledge. From a Destinations perspective I have gained more experience and real world knowledge to use for years to come, and we have already implemented many of the learnings, especially around Social Media and Blogging. Thank you ladies for passing on your expertise, I look forward to using my knowledge from your course to better market our destination.
Kristie Wilson, Norfolk Island Tourism

Is your team ready to evolve
your visitor servicing + Destination marketing strategy?

If so, we'd absolutely love to have your team on board, starting August 2022!

Organisation Registration AUD $5,950 + GST.

This cost includes unlimited staff, including any new staff that join your team over the lifetime of the Program.

If you'd like to join this learning journey in 2022, then please click on the link below to register your organisation's interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Program from 2021 (will be updated for 2022 closer to registrations opening), but if none of these help you then please don't hesitate to contact us via email, and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible!

Can I join the Bootcamp as a single person?

Please email us if you would like to join as a single user registration.

With Covid-19 things are changing fast. Will the Program’s content be up to date?

We have the overall plan for each Module, but we only finalise the content the week prior to that module. So, you can be assured it will be as up to date as we can possibly make it, in light of our own professional development and insights we have around wherever your state is at with Covid-19  in the second half of 2021. Having said that, we know how fast things are changing at the moment. So the other benefit of joining the program is you get all the Module updates when we run the program again next year. Plus, the program is all online, so regardless of where your organisation is at (fully open or in lock down), you will be able to fully join the program.


When are the live webinars running and what happens if I can’t attend one live?

The live webinar dates are scheduled in advance so you can hopefully free up your calendar to attend.

Webinars will be run  on the following dates and times  (Adelaide – ACST)

Dates for 2021 are yet to be confirmed, but will start in early August 2021


As a guide, you can see the schedule from the 2020 round as a guide.

2020 Webinar Dates

All webinars run on either a Thursdays and Tuesdays, and go for approximately 1 hour, with another 30 minutes for group discussions.

  • Thursday 10th September 10am – 11.30am
  • Thursday 24th September 10am – 11.30am
  • Thursday 15th October 10am – 11.30am
  • Thursday 22nd October 10am – 11.30am
  • Thursday 5th November 12noon – 1.30pm
  • Tuesday 10th November 12noon – 1.30pm
  • Thursday 19th November 12noon – 1.30pm

We will record all the live webinars and save them in the Member Portal Website (www.members.tourismeschool.com) so you can watch them at a time that suits you if you are unable to make one of them live.

Who facilitates the Program?

Rebecca White and Paige Rowett co-faciliate the Academy, and they will both be on hand via email and the private forum to help support you with all the help you need throughout your learning journey over September – November 2020.

Together they have 27 + years of marketing experience and 18+ years specifically in tourism marketing. Learn more about Rebecca & Paige >

Do I need any prior knowledge before starting the Academy?

No, you don’t need any special knowledge to join the Academy. You just need to be working in a role (Owner/Operator, Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator) that has the responsibility of marketing a tourism business.

Before starting the Academy, it would be very helpful for you to also have access to all of your social networking profiles, and your Google (website analytics, search console) as we will be asking you to reference and make adjustments to these online accounts throughout the Academy.

What technical requirements do I need to participate in the Academy?

In order to participate effectively in the Academy, you will need:

  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer – if it doesn’t have a microphone, you can dial in via phone to join the webinar live via GoToWebinar, a popular web conferencing service.
  • Reasonably fast internet access, so you can watch and hear the live webinars and also watch the pre-recorded webinars or catch up on missed webinars.
  • Relatively high data limit – as the webinar files can be quite large (If you are unsure about whether or not your data plan is suitable, feel free to contact us and we will work through it with you).



How is the Academy run?

The Program is run completely online, so you can join the program from wherever you are working from, so long as you have decent internet speeds.

Stages of the Program include

  • Pre Program: You will be sent a Pre-Program Questionnaire, which will help us get to know your business, your personal and professional goals and marketing activities. This information will help them to tailor the information in the Program so that it is more relevant for you and your business.
  • Live Online Webinars: The Program will run for 3 months (from 10th September – 19th November 2020) and be delivered via 7 Live Webinars. These run for around 1 hour each plus around 30 minutes Q + A and are run using GoToWebinar.
  • Learning Materials: Each of the 7 Modules has a workbook and actionable tasks. These will be released with each Module.
  • Mentoring: You are encouraged to join the private online forum in Facebook, where you can ask any questions you have at any time of Paige & Rebecca and to share your learnings with others in the Program.


How many hours per week do I need need to allow to do the Academy?

We recommend you allow around 2 – 3 hours per week over the course of the program. While this is completely optional, allowing this much times covers coming along to the webinars (or watching the replays), reading the workbooks, completing the tasks, and interacting with other Academy Participants in the private Facebook Group Forum.


Is Tourism eSchool a Registered Training Organisation and do I get a qualification at the end of the Program?

No – Tourism eSchool is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The reason for this is we have consciously chosen not to align the Bootcamp with any Vocational Training Qualifications.

While Vocational Training is fantastic for students starting out their careers after high school or people looking to get the foundations of marketing, the reality of Marketing and Digital Marketing Qualifications is they aren’t specific enough when it comes to Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing.

Due to the fast pace of change with digital technology, digital channels and consumer behaviour (very clearly highlighted with the rapid disruption of Covid-19), we overhaul every module on the Bootcamp each time it’s run, to ensure we are teaching what is currently working when it comes to marketing a Destination and delivering best practice Visitor Servicing.

While we are Tourism Consultants first and foremost, we have a very solid track record of teaching and getting results over the last 9 years with our students via our Mentoring Programs and Live Workshops, which you can see from the testimonials throughout our Website.

We’ve made the very conscious decision to invest our time in getting your results in your Organisation over an official qualification which may or may not deliver what you need to evolve your Digital Marketing and Visitor Servicing.

If the team are willing to put in the hard work to apply the learnings from the Bootcamp in your Organisation, you will absolutely be able to improve the impact of your Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing actions and help to grow your region’s Visitor Economy.

So, if you are looking for a professional qualification for you and your staff, then this program possibly won’t be the right fit for you or your team.