At the Tourism Collective, we're committed to demonstrating how tourism can be a force for good, and help to enable communities like yours to thrive for generations to come.


We believe that tourism can add value to communities through more than just economic prosperity.

Connection between visitors and residents can foster community wellbeing and promote personal and civic pride. Visitors can also help nurture and celebrate our significant indigenous and early settler cultures, as well as protect our wildlife and regenerate our precious natural environments.

Ultimately, what tourism can do for a destination really comes down to what success looks like for that destination. Our role at Tourism eSchool, is to work together with destination custodians to understand what success means for them, and then enable them to achieve it.

To do this, we embark on a process of deep listening to understand all perspectives. Only then can we identify ways to support destinations to achieve their vision.

This ground-up, thoughtful and agile approach to our work permeates everything we do, and ensures that every outcome we deliver speaks directly, and truthfully to the needs of the host community.


We are proud to work within the Australian visitor economy, and believe we add value to our industry as connectorsthought leadersregenerative strategists, and facilitators of learning.



Nurturing lasting connections and being industry connectors is part of our DNA at Tourism eSchool.

We are genuine, country people who enjoy creating meaningful connections and delivering purposeful outcomes.

We value the connections we make with our colleagues, clients and their communities, as it's these connections that lead to authentic, collaborative outcomes in our work.


We pride ourselves on delivering contemporary thinking for the Australian visitor economy.

Through a process of learning and reflection, we distil complex concepts into inspired and pragmatic actions that offer meaningful outcomes for destinations and businesses operating in an ever-changing, volatile landscape.


Embedded in our ethos is a deep understanding that local people are the destination custodians of stories and of place, and therefore must be at the table when discussing the potential for tourism.

We understand our role is to not dictate what success should look like for destinations, rather, to work in close partnership with our clients and their communities to co-create a vision for success, and work collaboratively on solutions that help realise that success.

Facilitators of learning

As a team of dedicated tourism practitioners, collectively we have a breadth of skills, experience and knowledge to craft relevant and thought provoking learning outcomes for the industry.

We see our role in industry education as the facilitator of learning journeys, with the primary responsibility of creating active learning opportunities for participants to collectively identify challenges, and guiding discussion to co-create solutions.

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