Student Benefits

Access to Experienced Tourism Marketers 

We (Paige & Rebecca) are qualified marketers who, between us, have nearly 20 years of marketing experience, and approximately 15 years of hands-on tourism marketing knowledge and experience.

As part of your enrolment in Tourism eSchool, we will be your private mentors for the duration of each eCourse, including 2 weeks after the official end of the eCourse. You will have unlimited access to us via our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, obtain feedback and bounce ideas.

Available online 7 days a week for the duration of the eCourse, our job is to ensure everyone remains on track with their learning journey!


Student eCourse Special Deals

After undertaking one of our eCourses you may find that your marketing ‘to-do’ list has suddenly grown! So, to help you out financially with your marketing, we have teamed up with some Australian marketing suppliers who have developed special promotions and discounts to assist your business with the implementation of your new marketing tactics.

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Mastermind Group

We’ve found that we all learn best when we are able to bounce ideas, and gain insight through other’s experience – this is why, as part of each eCourse, students will gain access to a private Facebook Group, where you can share ideas, experiences and knowledge, offer advice and ask questions to a group of people who are on the same learning journey as you.


Mentoring Sessions

As part of your enrolment with Tourism eSchool, you will have the opportunity to purchase a mentoring session with either Paige or Rebecca at a reduced hourly rate to consolidate learnings from the eCourse, and give specific direction and ideas of how to apply your newly found principles to your specific business.

What you get from our mentoring sessions

  • A one-on-one marketing mentoring session with Rebecca or Paige which can be conducted via skype, phone or in person;
  • Access to 1 week of email support after the session with a guaranteed response time of 48 hours;
  • Written documentation of the session outcomes within 2 working days after the session;
  • Support, motivation and encouragement to undertake your business marketing activities with confidence;
  • Clear direction and measurable results! You will achieve measurable results from the advice, expertise and knowledge gained from participating in our sessions!

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Online Marketing Strategy Development

At Tourism eSchool, we strongly promote the development of a strategic marketing plans to ensure tourism businesses remain focussed and targeted with their efforts and investment. To assist with the development of an online marketing strategy that works, all Tourism eSchool students are offered the opportunity to work with either Paige & Rebecca to develop a online marketing strategy for their business.


  • 20 Hours of research, planning and presenting of online marketing strategy document
  • 1 x Marketing Planning Session (via Skype)
  • Follow up 1 hour followup session (2 months after delivery of strategy)
  • Follow up 1 hour followup session (6 months after delivery of strategy)

COST: $2880 (usually $3600)

[NOTE. Only 6 strategies to be developed each calendar year]


Marketing Resources & Tools

As part of the eCourse you will receive a comprehensive toolkit of worksheets, checklists, pre-formatted word/excel documents and relevant information resources to assist with your learning and the application of techniques and principles learnt throughout the eCourse.