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It was great to see you at the Adelaide Showground’s Farmers Markets Marketing Workshop

We hope you got some great takeaways and you are inspired to get started (or ramp up!) your online marketing strategy to grow your market day sales! Below are the key insights & additional resources for you to read as it relates to Rebecca’s presentation.

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Key Presentation Takeaways

1. Identify your Ideal Customer

  • Identify your Ideal Customer(s)
  • Understand their buying predispositions, and emotional reasoning when it comes to purchasing your product
  • Identify key areas in your Ideal Customer’s research stage so you can get your brand in front of them!
  • Understand your products unique selling proposition/s for your Ideal Customers

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2. Focus on the ‘New Advertising’ of Content Marketing

  • Regularly create and share epic content (helps, inspires, tells stories) your ideal customers love
  • Use photo and video editing software to make your content look amazing
  • Identify who can help you create your content, such as your customers and staff

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3. Own your content by investing in your website

  • Your web is your “shopfront” for your produce and it’s ESSENTIAL you have one to build brand awareness, trust, consideration & sales for your business
  • Ensure you have the free Google Analytics installed on your website so you can track all your website visitor movements, including social and email referrals.
  • Ensure your website is mobile responsive
  • If relevant, look at selling your products online, or at least tell customers where they can buy your produce, such as via retailers or your farm gate
  • Tell your story clearly on your website
  • Put your epic photo & video content on a blog on your business’s website, so you can share it out on social and bring visitors back to your website

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4. Build Relationships on Social Media

  • Social media is a brilliant low cost way to communicate with prospects & customers
  • Engagement is king on social, to ensure more people are seeing your photos & videos
  • Focus only on the social media locations where your Ideal Customers are hanging out
  • Share content when your Ideal Customers are likely to be online. Pre-schedule photos/video if it’s at a time you can’t share live.
  • Post photos & videos “natively” and make sure it is optimised for viewing on mobile
  • Facebook Advertising has a time and place, just use with care and never boost posts
  • Optimise all of your social media profiles to encourage customers to take the next steps, such as visit your website, buy, call or join your email newsletter list
  • Use www.canva.com to create your own on brand custom social media graphics
  • Learn how to post content correctly in each social media platform to ensure maximum engagement

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  • Social Media Examiner – A great resource for the latest updates to each social media platform
  • Jon Loomer is the go to person to learn about Facebook Advertising


5. Amplify your customer’s love.

  • What your happy customers say about your produce is the most trusted form of advertising. Ensure you collect and amplify it!
  • Specifically ask customers to share photos using your owned hashtag or by tagging your social media profiles (eg Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), checking in or leaving a review.

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6. Nurture the Relationship on Email

  • Set up for email marketing by researching email service providers
  • Think about what incentive you can offer to encourage customers to join your email newsletter list
  • Ask customers to join your email list at every touch point, such as social media profiles, website and on market day
  • Regularly send targeted eNews to different customers segments that offers more value than sales

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7. Measure What Matters

  • It’s essential you measure your results to ensure it is helping achieve your overall marketing goals
  • Focus on measurements that matter, how engaged customers are, quality of your followers, how well your marketing is going at generating enquiries and sales and how much your customers love you
  • Use social platforms analytics to measure engagement of your photos & videos.
  • Set up “conversion goals” on Google Analytics to track customer conversions from social media, such as email sign up, enquiries & purchases
  • Track what customers are saying about you online

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