In addition to offering our Tourism Marketing Academy + Mastermind developed exclusively for tourism operators, we also work with Tourism Organisations directly to develop bespoke training programs designed specifically for the needs of the tourism operators in their destination.



What is a ‘Marketing Mentoring Program’?

The aim of our Marketing Mentoring Programs is to educate, inspire and empower a group of tourism operators in the same region to take positive action to market their tourism businesses with confidence, which will ultimately help drive demand and increase visitation to the destination.

Our Mentoring Programs are informative and action-orientated, where operators are encouraged to complete set tasks to help them understand and implement their new knowledge.

It has been designed specifically to promote positive learning and collaboration between operators in region, to develop the capacity of the businesses and drive demand and increase visitation.

How does the Mentoring Program work?

  • Minimum 20 operators engaged from a single destination (preferrably)
  • A series of ‘Marketing Modules’ which cover core tourism marketing topics can be delivered either online or in person.
  • We recommend facilitating the first Module in person in a 3 hour workshop, with the subsequent Modules delivered online via a 1 hour Webinar.
  • Group Mentoring will be available in a private Facebook Group 9-5pm weekdays for the duration of the Program + 2 additional weeks after the last webinar.

Each Marketing Module will include:

  • Concept introduction
  • ‘How to’ training
  • Relevant Case Studies
  • Action item list
  • Q&A

Marketing Modules

We tailor the marketing modules according to the needs of the destination we are working with, however as a guide, we can deliver any marketing topics, at any level. Please see our Tourism Marketing Academy + Mastermind Marketing Module list as a guide >

Program Inclusions

Every operator will have access to the following inclusions:

  • Access to the facilitators:
    • During face-to-face mentoring sessions (3 hours)
    • For 1 hour in each of the 3 live webinars
    • Via a private Facebook Group, 9 – 5 weekdays for the 10 weeks of the program.
  • The program is developed so that as participants work through the content, they are asked to complete a series of tasks using custom Workbooks, Toolkits and Templates. These tasks are geared to help participants complete the strategic framework for the concepts they are learning.
  • Recorded training webinar and learning resources will be available in a password protected Tourism eSchool member website, for easy access by the participants involved in the program
  • Provision of feedback on completed tasks to participants via email

Mentoring Program Case Study

In May 2016, we facilitated a 4 Module Marketing Mentoring Program with a group of Operators in Tropical North Queensland.To see the results of this Program, we invite you to take a look at our Case Study.



Past Mentoring Programs

We have been fortunate to facilitate a number of workshops in the past.

  • Riverina Tourism Marketing Mentoring Program (3 Online Webinars throughout August 2016)
  • Tourism Tropical North Queensland Digital Marketing Mentoring Program (1 Live Workshop + 3 Online Webinars throughout May 2016). Read a case study here
  • Limestone Coast Marketing Mentoring Program(1 Live Workshop + 3 Online Webinars from September – November 2014)


  • As the peak regional visitor destination marketing organisation and Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for Tropical North Queensland, TTNQ has the largest geographical coverage in Queensland, covering 20% of the total state.

    With such a diverse region, it was important for us to design a flexible training program which allowed tourism operators to participate from their remote locations. We also wanted to deliver a powerful program while ensuring participants remained engaged and accountable. Navigating the various skill levels of our industry was also a challenge as we were only able to deliver one program.

    Tourism eSchool worked with us to achieve our objectives and we believe that the program offered a robust selection of learnings to upskill the digital capabilities of our industry. The feedback we have received confirms that the content was relevant and offered practical solutions for them to follow. We’ve already seen a 16% increase in engagement from established operators’ social media accounts in the month following the completion of the program.

    I would highly recommend Tourism eSchool to any destination or economic development organisation looking to design flexible programs for their industry.

    Amy Mail, Destination Content Executive, Tourism Tropical North Queensland
  • As an industry and as a region we face time and distance hurdles when planning to deliver training and development along with important networking events. This has been evidenced by the seriously low numbers of participants in any training events or functions organised.

    Paige and Rebecca’s Marketing Mentoring Program enabled our tourism operators to learn from their desk or home, saving travel and valuable time by utilising online webinar technologies. During the program, the flow of content was appropriate for participants that is the beauty of working with a specifically designed program, it wasn’t just rolled off the shelf and delivered the same as another region. It catered for the maturity level of our diverse region.

    Paige & Rebecca understood our barriers for progress and helped work with us to break them down and develop operator confidence in the online space as individual businesses, but also had the positive effect of helping us have an enhanced online presence as a region. In our Program, we had 22 registered participants and while we cannot compare figures with this format, we certainly acknowledge Tourism eSchool’s development of the concept, the content and delivery of the program to engage such a high number of operators spread across a large geographical area.

    Biddie Shearing, Tourism Development Officer, Regional Development Australia, Limestone Coast

Ready to invest in a Training Program for your Operators?

If one of your organisational objectives is to deliver capacity building opportunities for the operators
in your destination, then we’d love to put together a proposal for your requirements.

Simply click on the link below, and email us your requirements, and we will be in touch as soon as possible!