It was fantastic to join you in Mackay for our
Tourism Marketing Workshops!

We hope you got some great takeaways from the workshops, and you are inspired to get
started (or ramp up!) your blogging, social media and email marketing! Below are the key
insights & additional resources for you to read as it relates to our presentations.

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Workshop 1

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1. Tourism Marketing Trends

  • Tech Trends – Mobile, Connected Platforms, Internet of Me
  • Path to Purchase – Micro-moments
  • Customer Advocacy is King – Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Information, Interaction & Personalisation – Your customers are well informed + in control, they expect 2 way conversation + keen to establish a relationship with travel brands. Your customers are transparent on social + expect that you understand their needs, and they expect a personalised experience.
  • Google Juggernaut – Google search engine is most utilised platform for online search in the world.Play by Google’s rules and get noticed and rewarded.
  • High Converting Content – Videos, Images & Text – important to create unique, sharable content for your Ideal Customers.

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2. Identify your Ideal Customers

  • Identify your Ideal Customer(s)
  • Understand their buying predispositions, and emotional reasoning when it comes to purchasing your product.
  • Identify key online platforms in your Ideal Customer’s ZMOT where you can get your brand in front of them.

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3. How Storytelling Can Drive Tourism Demand

  • Stories play a very important role in attracting your Ideal Customers while they are dreaming and researching their next holiday.
  • Storytelling = No selling, Emotions (not facts), Authenticity + Realness, Resonance + Intimacy
  • Your Ideal Customers are spending hundreds of ‘micro-moments’ online researching travel leading up to booking and experiencing product
  • Your Challenge is to create and share stories to capture customers in their ‘Micro-Moments’

Storytelling Examples

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4. Start Blogging to Tell & Sell your Story

  • Blogging is a critical marketing tactic, with articles influencing your Ideal Customers in all 5 Stages of Travel.
  • Set up a blog as a SUB-FOLDER on your website eg.

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5. How to Create a Super Engaging Blog Post

Create Brilliant Content

  • Know your customer’s needs, wants, desires, emotional drivers to purchase (eg. Micro-Moments’)
  • Develop content calendar to target ideal customers
  • Governance – tone, style, frequency
  • Prioritise authenticity – speak in 1st person, gather stories from employees
  • 1 single message per article
  • 500+ words per article – write for visitors 1st, search engines 2nd
  • Use images / video to support written content
  • Avoid large paragraphs, use headings, short sentences and dot points
  • Use relevant call to actions

Repurpose Content

  • Audit current offline content
  • Decide if there is any content that can be repurposed to support your blog content strategy

Curate & Elevate Content

  • Find appropriate content
  • Organise the content, so that it makes sense for your Ideal Customer
  • Get permission from content owners to use it in your blog post and attribute them
  • Elevate/enhance content to spark your Ideal Customer’s interests
  • Use the direct embed feature in social platforms in your post

Blogging Examples

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6. Get Maximum Exposure for your Posts

  • Optimise your content for Search Engines
  • Publish Once, Syndicate Everywhere – Social & Emarketing
  • Use relevant destination #hashtags so that your destination marketing organisation can group all of it’s brilliant content in one spot for resharing
  • Tag relevant users to share unique content
  • Discover popular hashtags in Iconosquare – as it relates to the content subject eg. Food, wine, animals etc
  • Look into using a social listening / scheduling / management tool to streamline your content sharing such as Hootsuite, Buffer & Co-Schedule

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7. Measure Blogging Success

  • Engagement Metrics
    • Website
      • On Blog Page – # Comments, # Social Shares
      • Via Google Analytics – # Landing Pages from Google and other sources (looking at blog posts specifically), Av. Time on Blog pages / Bounce Rate, Average Pages Per Visit
    • Social Media – Blog Content, Shares, Comments, Likes, Referrals to website (via Google Analytics)
    • Email Marketing – Email > Opens & Click through to blog post links, Email > List growth/unsubscribes (as people are signing up to receive blog posts)
  • Conversion Metrics
    • Website – Blog landing pages on your destination website, and whether they achieved a conversion

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[VIDEO TRAINING] Google Analytics: How to Measure Blogging Strategy Success



Workshop 2

Click the thumbnail below to download the workshop slides (109MB via Dropbox)

Inspire & convert via email and social


1. How to use social media to grow your business

  • What social media channels are your Ideal Customers hanging out on? Focus your efforts on these channels ONLY!
  • What topics INSPIRE your ideal customers?
  • What topics HELP your ideal customers?
  • What STORIES can you tell that your IDC find interesting?
  • What content do you need to STOP sharing on social media?

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2. Strategic content creation

  • Empower your staff to be content creators
  • Use photo & video editing software to make your content look amazing!
  • Promote a single business #hashtag to collect and reshare customers content
  • Use #meetmackayregion so they can find and reshare your best content
  • Tag @queensland & @Australia to share unique content
  • Discover popular hashtags in Iconosquare – as it relates to the content subject eg. Food, wine, animals etc
  • Always tag & credit original photographer if you are resharing others photos. Ask via a comment for permission to reshare if needed.
  • Aim for quality over quantity when sharing content
  • Consider how you could use live broadcasting to support your other content creation?

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3. Rock your social media engagement

  • Engagement is king on social, to ensure more people are seeing your photos & videos
  • Focus only on the social media locations where your Ideal Customers are hanging out.
  • Share content when your Ideal Customers are likely to be online.
  • Pre-schedule photos/video if it’s at a time you can’t share live.
  • Post photos & videos “natively” and make sure it is optimised for viewing on mobile. Directly upload videos into Facebook and Twitter for better reach.
  • Grow your social media communities organically and via the virality of your great social updates!
  • Manage your reputation online. Seek out ALL negative reviews everytime and respond fast (within the hour on social media)! Acknowledge and thanks the majority of the positive!

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4. Optimise your social media profiles

  • What are your high priority social media channels?
  • What Facebook Advertising opportunities do you want to pursue?
  • What optimisation do you need to your social profiles?
  • What tips can you use to improve your post engagement?

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5. Measure What Matters

  • Measure customers engagement of social & advocacy
  • Set up conversion goals in Google Analytics to track path the purchase
  • What are people saying about you online?
  • Ask customers how they heard about you?

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6.Use Email Marketing grow your business

Please click on the video to watch the last bit of the workshop on Email Marketing (28 minutes). Please note it may take a few seconds to start playing.


  • Email rocks because it is an owned media channel that you control (unlike social media), is much quieter than social media, it has massive free reach with most people accessing it via smartphones, and customers are more open to receiving sales promotions on email than on social media.
  • Set up for email marketing by researching email service providers such as Mailchimp. Set up a list based on the targeting your want to do in the future and optimise your welcome emails.
  • Ask customers to join your email list at every touch point, such as social media profiles, website and booking/e-commerce systems.
  • Develop an online e-communication strategy for sharing your epic content and sales messages to your different ideal customer segments.
  • Ensure the design of your email updates are optimised for mobile and conversion
  • Use your email service provider’s analytics to measure engagement of your email (open rate and click through rate) and google analytics to track engagement and conversions on your website.
  • As your email subscriber list grows, your list engagement will fall over time. Every 6 months or so ask current email subscribers if they want to continue to receive updates. If not, ask them to unsubscribe or just delete. You don’t want to send emails to people who aren’t interested in your product any more.

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