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It was great to join you at the 2015 Geelong Bellarine Tourism Summit!

We hope you got some great takeaways and you are inspired to get started (or ramp up!) your online marketing strategy! Below are the key insights & additional resources for you to read as it relates to Website Marketing (Paige’s preso) & Customer Centric Marketing (Rebecca’s preso).



The Smokin’ Hot Stats

In our presentations we referenced some statistics on online purchasing journey’s, smartphone usage & visual content marketing, so we thought we’d share the links to the authoratitive sources with you below for your continued learning.

Key Takeaways from Paige’s Presentation







1. Understand your Customers Online Purchasing Journey

  • Identify your Ideal Customer(s)
  • Understand their buying predispositions, and emotional reasoning when it comes to purchasing your product.
  • Identify key areas in your Ideal Customer’s ZMOT where you can get your brand in front of them!

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2. Attract Qualified Visitors to your Site

  • Develop Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
  • Create & publish relevant, engaging, optimised content on your blog
  • Share content & build relationships on social
  • Track conversions from search and social referrals using website analytics

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3. Increase Engagement from Mobile Visitors

  • Ensure your website is optimised for mobile handsets & tablets
  • Keep copy on major landing pages succinct, segmented and easy to understand (clear USP)
  • Use clear call to action buttons on relevant pages
  • Ensure your whole purchasing experience is optimised for mobile
  • 1-3 step checkout process maximum!

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4. Generate More Conversions from your Website

  • Display testimonials (with photos) on product pages & near checkout
  • Choose relevant call to actions for relevant pages
  • Use hyperlinks throughout text
  • Optimise ‘Error 404’ Pages
  • Optimise ‘Thank You’ Pages (email opt-in, after purchase, after enquiry)

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5. High Converting Content that Builds Trust + Engagement

  • Know your customer’s needs, wants, desires, emotional drivers to purchase
  • Develop content calendar in conjunction with stakeholders
  • Governance – tone, style, frequency
  • Prioritise authenticity – speak in 1st person, gather stories from employees
  • 1 single message per article
  • 500+ words per article – write for visitors 1st, search engines 2nd
  • Use images / video where possible
  • Avoid large paragraphs, use headings, short sentences and dot points
  • Use relevant call to actions

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6. Measuring Website Marketing Success

  • Install Google Analytics on your website today!
  • Measure key engagement data to make decisions about content publishing
  • Track enquiry, enewsletter & sales conversions

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Key Takeaways from Rebecca’s Presentation

Customer Centric Markering








1. Identify your Ideal Customer(s)

  • Understand their buying predispositions, and emotional reasoning when it comes to purchasing your product.
  • Identify key areas in your Ideal Customer’s ZMOT where you can get your brand in front of them!

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2. Focus on the New Advertising of Content Marketing

  • Regularly create and share epic content (helps, inspires, tells stories) your ideal customers love
  • Share it out on social, email and your website blog.
  • Use photo and video editing software to make your content look amazing.
  • Identify who can help you create your content.

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3. Build Relationships on Social Media

  • Focus your efforts on social medias where you ideal customers hang out.
  • Focus on sharing more of your most engaging content.
  • Share content when customers are online. Make sure you are posting content natively and optimising for mobile viewing.
  • Optimise your social profiles to encourage conversions.

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4. Leverage Trusted Influencers

  • Identify who is influencing your ideal customers online online and research if they are looking for content for brands such as yours.
  • Research how you use hashtags to help share your digital influencers.

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5. Nurture the Relationship on Email

  • Set up for email marketing by researching email service providers
  • Think about what incentive you can offer to encourage customers to join your email newsletter list.
  • Ask customers to join your email list at every touch point, such as social media profiles, website and booking/eCommerce systems.
  • Regularly send targeted eNews to different customers segments that offers more value than sales.

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6. Commit for the Long Haul

  • Develop an online communication strategy for sharing your epic content and sales messages to your different ideal customer segments.
  • Ensure the frequency of your “giving” content to balance out the “taking” content, aiming for around a 90% giving epic content vs 10% targeted sales messages.

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7. Amplify Customer Love

  • What your happy customers say about you is the most trusted form of advertising. Ensure you collect and amplify it!
  • Specifically ask and/or enable customers to share before, during and after their experience with you.

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8. Measure What Matters

  • Focus on measurements that matter, how engaged customers are, how well your marketing is going at generating enquiries and sales and how much your customers love you.
  • Use social platforms analytics to measure engagement of your content
  • Use google analytics to measure engagement and conversions from social and email.
  • Track what customers are saying about you online.

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