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TOURISM strategies

At Tourism eSchool, we work in partnership with States and Territories, Regional Tourism Organisations and Local Governments to co-create strategic tourism plans that support sustainable visitor economies.

We are a strategic partner for visitor economy teams across Australia, working cohesively with clients to develop evidenced based Tourism Plans, Destination Management Plans, Niche Sector + Interest Plans and Destination Brand and Marketing Strategies, which are underpinned by a process of deep engagement with community and industry to ensure all strategic outcomes are co-created and are in the best interests of the local environment, people and the economy.

The experience of working with Paige and Rebecca was absolutely fantastic!

I was really lucky to work with Paige and Rebecca from Tourism eSchool, who developed our 3-year marketing strategy for me. The experience was absolutely fantastic, they bring with them a wealth of experience, are highly professional, and were able to deliver an exceptional marketing strategy for me. The good thing about them, is that they are really committed to working long term with you, so I’m excited to work with them on an ongoing basis to ensure that I’m able to deliver the strategy, and also to work out creative ideas to promote our region, and increase visitation going forward.
Theresa Lord, Cradle Coast Authority

why work
with us on your next Plan

  • Our Successful Track Record

    We've developed short and long term Visitor Economy Plans and Destination Marketing Strategies for Australian Local Government and Regional Tourism Organisations over the last 7 years, which you can explore in our Portfolio. We've also mentored 350+ Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing staff via our Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing Bootcamp to help them develop their own plans.

  • Your Plan Will Be Unique to your Destination

    We use a co-created, design thinking approach in our strategic planning process (see below), never a cookie cutter approach or repeat of work previously done. Destination planning involves a deep understanding the challenges of a destination, the local community's vision for the future, overlaid with key supply and demand opportunities and challenges. 

    Your destination has a unique brand promise, places, people, cultures, experiences, market maturity, stakeholders, opportunities and challenges, even compared to neighbouring destinations, and it's because of this can't and won't predict what actions will appear in your Plan.

    An action plan can only be formulated once community and industry are widely and deeply consulted, and all of the evidence is gathered and synthesised.

  • Deep Listening + Engagement with Stakeholders

    Deep listening and co-created local place solutions with your local communities and tourism industry are essential to grant and maintain the social license to implement your plan.

    We use the most effective engagement channels and lines of enquiry to engage relevant stakeholders (such as board members, elected members, tourism operators, local organisations and residents) to get the evidence we need to strategically inform the Plan.

    The Plan will also include best practice Actions which will require ongoing support and activation from your stakeholders. 

  • Our Measurement Approach

    To ensure all components of our Plans can be quantified we develop a comprehensive measurement strategy, which includes visitation metrics (spend, length of stay, dispersal and nights), as well as visitor advocacy, sentiment and destination sustainability metrics.

    We also bring in community, social and environmental measures to ensure tourism is supporting a positive future for your locals, communities and environment.

    This ensures organisations can easily measure and effectively report on the progress and the impact of their Plan to stakeholders.

  • We invest in our own professional development

    One of our key strengths is our commitment to professional development. We actively stay on top of tourism trends and insights from a global, national and regional level,  so we can provide up to date and relevant knowledge and support for our clients.

    We invest hours of research into understanding the best practice experience development, visitor servicing and destination marketing both in Australia and globally, which we then share in our Clients new Plans, and also with the wider industry through our Speaking, Mentoring and our Blog articles.

I am always amazed by their depth of knowledge and expertise that they offer

I have worked with Tourism eSchool in a number of different capacities and I am always amazed by their depth of knowledge and expertise that they offer. Most recently I engaged with Paige & Rebecca to assist Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism with the development of a 3 year strategic plan. They have excellent communication skills, marketing insight and business smarts, this leads to wanting the best result for the clients. I would recommend Paige & Rebecca if you require assistance with developing a strategic/business plan.
Miranda Lang, Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism


Below is our set of values and guiding principles for the outcomes we deliver for our clients.

Sustainability Mindset

When working with destinations, it's our role to ensure the sustainability of the destination; a delicate balance between economic growth, and social and environmental sustainability.

We recognise that destination planning and marketing need to consider more than visitor numbers and expenditure as destination management indicators. We use co-created, ground-up and design-thinking approach, along with a sustainability mindset with the planning projects we undertake.

Therefore, throughout our destination planning work, we challenge clients across all actions, deliverables, and measurement strategies to consider the long term sustainability of each investment and direction.

Evidence Based Planning

Without evidence, planning outcomes will always be questioned.

This is why it's essential that reliable evidence is collected - from crafting the right questions to explore with stakeholders, to interrogated ideas and opinions through valid means to provide clear direction for the development of any strategic plans.

This practice is reflected in our consultation methodology to ensure the validity of a benchmark to work from.

Where evidence doesn't exist, we encourage our clients to consider actions to accumulate to make decisions on future investment in actions.

Social License

There are many stakeholders that make up a local visitor economy. As such, it is an imperative that all stakeholders are consulted, to ensure the Plan that eventuates is valid and unbias.

This consultation is not limited to traditional visitor economy stakeholders, but extended to perhaps the most important stakeholders of them all, your local residents.

Our extensive consultation methodology ensures the Plans are co-created to ensure social license is maintained as the plan is implemented, which means there is greater likelihood of attracting investment and funding without barriers.

I cannot recommend Tourism E-School highly enough!

Destination Riverland commissioned Tourism E-School in 2019 following an exhaustive tender process to develop the Riverland Tourism Plan 2030 (RTP2030). In early 2020, Tourism eSchool started an extensive program of consultation in community and on line began in earnest only to be disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the whole process Rebecca and Paige were wonderfully adaptive, clear and timely in their communication and the final plan produced, despite the interruption of COVID, was outstanding. I cannot recommend Tourism E-School highly enough. I am proud of the work and confident in its application to grow Riverland Tourism over the next decade.
Ben Patten, General Manager, Destination Riverland

current + recently
completed projects

  • Yorke Peninsula Tourism

    5 Year Strategic Action Plan
    In progress

  • Eyre Peninsula

    3 year Marketing Strategy
    In Progress

  • VisitCanberra 2030 Tourism Strategy

    Industry Listening Report + Co-Design Industry Planning Workshop
    Competed October 2022

  • Developing East Arnhem Limited

    3 Year Marketing Strategy
    Completed August 2022

  • Limestone Coast Local Government Association

    5 Year Tourism + Marketing Plan
    Completed November 2020

  • Destination Riverland

    10 Year Tourism Plan
    Completed November 2020

  • Destination Southern Tasmania

    5 Year Marketing Plan
    Completed November 2019

  • Clare Valley Tourism Region

    5 year Marketing and Management Plan
    Completed September 2019

  • Town of Gawler

    5 Year Tourism Plan
    Complete August 2019

  • Adelaide Hills Tourism

    Website Marketing Strategy
    Completed June 2019

  • Cocos Keeling Island

    5 Year Marketing Strategy
    Completed April 2019

  • Light Regional Council

    4 Year Tourism Plan
    Completed September 2018

  • Cradle Coast Authority

    3 Year Marketing Strategy
    Completed September 2017

  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield

    2020 Tourism Plan
    Completed September 2016

  • Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

    2020 Tourism Plan
    Completed May 2016

  • Western Adelaide Councils

    3 Year Destination Action Plan
    Completed September 2016

From the get-go Paige and Rebecca had such a good understanding of our region and what we were wanting to achieve.

As Regional Tourism Manager for the Clare Valley Tourism Region I was very fortunate to work with Paige and Rebecca from Tourism eSchool in developing the Clare Valley Destination Marketing + Management Plan 2019 – 2024.

We have been able to implement many of our short term goals, some of which have included working with Tourism eSchool again and these efforts have always had a positive outcome. Their focus is very much results driven; we have since seen our website develop to be more interactive with our market, blog articles have proved successful and both the Facebook and Instagram accounts have seen engagement growth.

Personally, I found Paige and Rebecca so easy to work with. They are supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the tourism industry.
Mim Ward, Regional Tourism Manager, Clare Valley Tourism Region

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