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TOURISM strategies

At Tourism eSchool, we offer Regional Tourism Organisations and Local Government Organisations tourism industry specialist support to develop tourism strategies stimulate the local visitor economies. 

Tourism is a major economic driver for many destinations across Australia, and if it currently isn't, then there may be untapped potential to strengthen local economies by leveraging and growing it's tourism assets and better telling the world what a region has to offer potential visitors.

Through our experience working with Destinations, we understand the many and varied relationships that exist between Tourism Organisations and Local Government, and know that there is no silver bullet when it comes to developing a cohesive, collaborative, integrated tourism strategy.

The experience of working with Paige and Rebecca was absolutely fantastic!

I was really lucky to work with Paige and Rebecca from Tourism eSchool, who developed our 3-year marketing strategy for me. The experience was absolutely fantastic, they bring with them a wealth of experience, are highly professional, and were able to deliver an exceptional marketing strategy for me. The good thing about them, is that they are really committed to working long term with you, so I’m excited to work with them on an ongoing basis to ensure that I’m able to deliver the strategy, and also to work out creative ideas to promote our region, and increase visitation going forward.
Theresa Lord, Cradle Coast Authority

why work
with Rebecca + paige

  • Our Successful Track Record

    We've developed a number of Tourism Plans and Destination Marketing Strategies for Australian Local Government and Regional Tourism Organisations over the last 6 years, which you can explore in our Portfolio. We've also mentored 120 + Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing staff via our Destination Marketing and Visitor Servicing Bootcamp to develop their own plans.

  • Your Plan Will Be Unique

    While we follow a clear development process for your Plan (see below), we don't use a cookie cutter formula to write your Plan. This is because your destination has unique product experiences, market maturity, stakeholders,  opportunities and challenges, even compared to neighbouring destinations. We also won't rehash your current Plan - we'll certainly review it and then use your feedback on it to help inform the development of your new Plan. 

  • Our Measurement Focus

    To ensure all components of our Plans can be quantified we develop a comprehensive measurement strategy, which includes visitation metrics (spend, length of stay, dispersal and nights), as well as visitor advocacy and sentiment metrics. This ensures organisations can easily measure and effectively report on the progress and the impact of their Plan to stakeholders.

  • Our Priorities and Action Plan Focus

    While there is a good chance your new Plan will have a big to-do list, we will prioritise the Actions based on organisational resources (staffing and budget) and goals to ensure you can successfully implement your new Plan. 

  • Experienced at Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder engagement and industry support can make or break your new Plan. We use the most effective engagement channels and lines of enquiry to engage relevant stakeholders, (such as board members, elected members, tourism operators, local organisations and residents) to get the answers we need to strategically inform the Plan. The Plan will also include best practice Actions which will require ongoing support and activation from your stakeholders. 

  • We invest in our own professional development

    One of our key strengths is our commitment to professional development. As consultants in our own right, it’s in our best interest to stay on top of tourism trends and insights, in addition to how-to and implementation, so we can provide up to date and relevant knowledge and support for our clients. We invest hours of research into understanding the best practice product development, visitor servicing and marketings both in Australia and globally, which we then share with our Clients via their new Plans, Speaking, Mentoring and our Blog articles.

I am always amazed by their depth of knowledge and expertise that they offer

I have worked with Tourism eSchool in a number of different capacities and I am always amazed by their depth of knowledge and expertise that they offer. Most recently I engaged with Paige & Rebecca to assist Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism with the development of a 3 year strategic plan. They have excellent communication skills, marketing insight and business smarts, this leads to wanting the best result for the clients. I would recommend Paige & Rebecca if you require assistance with developing a strategic/business plan.
Miranda Lang, Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism


Step 1 – Client Briefing

Together with appropriate stakeholders, we facilitate an initial strategy planning session to determine your Plan's key goals and resource considerations. Depending on your budget and location, this can be either face to face in-person or via online meeting.

Step 2 – Investigation + Engagement

Next we undertake a thorough Situation Analysis will be developed through comprehensive research with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Review Existing Background Information + Plans
  • State of Play Reviewed: National, State and Local Perspectives, trends and new initiatives
  • Industry Capacity, Capability + SWOC Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges). This will be collected via a mix of Online Surveys, Face-to-face Workshops and Individual meetings
  • Current Tourism Marketing Activities
  • Visitor Insights + Perceptions

Step 3 – Strategy Development

A comprehensive, flexible Tourism Plan or Destination Marketing Strategy will be developed which aligns with the agreed outcomes from the intial Strategy Session.

The Plan will outline the following:

  • Internal and External Environment Analysis
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Key Performance Indicators and Strategy Measurement
  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Budget
  • Implementation Timeframe
  • Resourcing Solutions

Step 4 – Present Final Strategy

Once the document is finalised, a final in-person meeting with key stakeholders is facilitated to present the strategy. We can also facilitate further consultation processes if required with additional Stakeholders as required.
Following presentation of the Plan, we can also assist with the implementation of the strategy as it relates to tourism operator training and mentoring programs.

Step 5 – Plan Implementation - Optional Extras

Following the endorsement of your Plan, we can also help with the implementation of the strategy if required (new project quote).

We have assisted previous Destination Clients with the following strategy implementation projects:

  • Staff Training: Via our Destination Marketing + Visitor Servicing Bootcamp.
  • Staff Recruitment: Review job specs, Join Recruitment Panel.
  • Destination Websites: Website Strategy Development, Website Brief Development, Management of Website Tender Process, Website Updates such as SEO and Conversion Optimisation.
  • Operator Training: Via our Training Programs
  • Content Marketing: Content Planning + Editorial Calendar Development, Social Media/eNews/Blog review + optimisation.


Rebecca and Paige are great communicators, flexible in their approach and able to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Adelaide's Western Region Councils (Cities of Charles Sturt, Holdfast Bay, Port Adelaide Enfield and West Torrens) engaged Tourism eSchool to prepare a Regional Tourism Destination Action Plan for the four Councils. We were really pleased with the facilitation of the workshop, development of the framework and insights into the tourism industry that were provided throughout the project and incorporated into the final plan. Rebecca and Paige are great communicators, flexible in their approach and able to deliver projects on time and on budget.
Building Western Adelaide Alliance, Adelaide

current + recently
completed projects

  • Destination Southern Tasmania

    5 Year Marketing Plan
    Currently in Progress

  • Clare Valley Tourism Region

    5 year Marketing and Management Plan
    Completed September 2019

  • Town of Gawler

    Cycle Tourism Strategy
    Completed August 2019

  • Adelaide Hills Tourism

    Website Marketing Strategy
    Completed June 2019

  • Cocos Keeling Island

    5 Year Marketing Strategy
    Completed April 2019

  • Light Regional Council

    4 Year Tourism Plan
    Completed September 2018

  • Cradle Coast Authority

    3 Year Marketing Strategy
    Completed September 2017

  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield

    2020 Tourism Plan
    Completed September 2016

  • Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

    2020 Tourism Plan
    Completed May 2016

  • Western Adelaide Councils

    3 Year Destination Action Plan
    Completed September 2016

Are you ready to
achieve your goals?

If you would like support in developing your Tourism Plan or Destination Marketing Strategy, we would be delighted to hear from you, so please contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

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