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marketing mentoring
programs for tourism operators

We work with state, regional and local tourism organisations to facilitate tailored marketing mentoring programs designed specifically for the needs of the operators in their destination.

Our Marketing Mentoring Programs educate, inspire and empower a group of tourism operators in the same region to take positive action to market their tourism businesses with confidence, which ultimately help drive demand for the destination.

I would highly recommend Tourism eSchool to any destination or economic development organisation

As the peak regional visitor destination marketing organisation and Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for Tropical North Queensland, TTNQ has the largest geographical coverage in Queensland, covering 20% of the total state.

With such a diverse region, it was important for us to design a flexible training program which allowed tourism operators to participate from their remote locations. We also wanted to deliver a powerful program while ensuring participants remained engaged and accountable. Navigating the various skill levels of our industry was also a challenge as we were only able to deliver one program.

Tourism eSchool worked with us to achieve our objectives and we believe that the program offered a robust selection of learnings to upskill the digital capabilities of our industry. The feedback we have received confirms that the content was relevant and offered practical solutions for them to follow. We’ve already seen a 16% increase in engagement from established operators’ social media accounts in the month following the completion of the program.

I would highly recommend Tourism eSchool to any destination or economic development organisation looking to design flexible programs for their industry.
Amy Mail, Tourism Tropical North Queensland

how our mentoring
programs work

  • Facilitation Methodology

    Our marketing modules are delivered via a combination of in-destination workshops and online webinars. Our facilitation methodology has been refined over the past 8 years to ensure optimal engagement, implementation of learnings and eventual incremental gains for the businesses involved. 

  • Tourism Marketing Modules

    Our Programs consist of a minimum of 4 'Marketing Modules'. The topics to be covered in each Module will be identified during the planning process, based on the needs of the operators in the region and also your region's strategic plan requirements.  Below is a guide of the Marketing Modules that we can deliver.

  • Learning Materials

    Learning Materials will be stored in our secure member portal (members.tourismeschool.com), where all participants will obtain individual log-in access. Participants will log into the member portal to access:

    • Recorded versions of the In-destination workshops and live online webinars

    • Module workbooks - which detail tasks to help operationalise learnings

    • Tailored Toolkits and Templates - will be used to support the completion of tasks

  • Group Mentoring

    Participants will be able to access mentoring during our in-destination workshops, throughout our online webinars, and via a private Facebook Group during the course of the Program. 

  • A Focus on Implementation

    Our Programs are informative and action-orientated, where operators are encouraged to complete set tasks to help them understand and implement their new knowledge.

  • Fostering Regional Collaboration

    Our Programs are designed to promote positive learning and collaboration between operators in region. it's not only a great way for tourism operators to work together as a team to drive demand, but the outcomes support tourism organisations to achieve their strategic objectives.

Tourism Marketing Modules covered in our Programs

Tourism Trends, Marketing Strategy + Product Experience
  • Briefing on influential tourism trends, including COVID19 considerations, future traveller behaviour, demand drivers and best practice tourism marketing principles. 
  • Identify, profile and complete a customer journey map of your most profitable customers
  • Learn how to develop exceptional experiences that drive demand through advocacy
  • Learn why and how to create bookable experiences
  • Learn why storytelling is the new advertising, and how to find and tell great stories about your experience to grow your bookings/sales
  • Learn stories you can share from your experience that will attract and engage customers
  • Learn how to collect and leverage user generated content for repurposing on social media
  • Tips on how take better photos, short videos, live broadcasts and Instagram/Facebook Stories on your smartphone
Website Marketing
  • Learn key functional and user experience tactics to optimise your website to engage and convert more website visitors into customers
  • Gain knowledge and tools to confidently work with your web development agency to produce a high yielding website, that not only services your customers, but achieves your overall marketing goals
  • Understand what a website ‘conversion’ is, and how to increase your website visitor conversion rates
  • Understand your website marketing KPIs, and how to measure website marketing success
  • Referencing successful tourism marketing blogs across the world, learn about the functional, usability & design features required to set up a blog on your website
  • Understand what it takes to create engaging blog articles, and how to optimise it for conversions
  • Rules and hacks for stress free blog content creation
  • How to get maximum exposure for your blog posts online
  • How to manage your blog efficiently and effectively, without sapping your precious time!
  • Learn how to measure blogging specific objectives using Google Analytics
Search Engine Optimisation
  • Understand the complexities of Search Engine Optimisation in layman’s terms (including how search engines work and major search engine ranking factors)
  • Learn how to optimise web pages, blog articles and rich media content to improve organic search visibility and referrals to your website
  • Gain an understanding of 'link building', and how to build simple links to improve search engine visibility
  • Learn what metrics matter when it comes to measuring SEO success
Social Media Strategy
  • Learn a variety of strategies on how to use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to grow a business’s awareness online and convert more followers into bookings and visitors.
  • Understand how to best collect and also leverage user generated content (taken by a businesses visitors) to reshare on their social media channels to grow their brand awareness
  • Learn how to work with digital influencers to increase brand awareness of a business
  • Learn how to empower their staff members to become key social media storytellers for their business.
  • Learn practical tips to increase the engagement and reach of social media posts on a business’s social media channels (especially Facebook and Instagram) at the time of falling organic reach and reduced social media trust with consumers.
Social Media Optimisation + Advertising
  • Learn how to leverage, optimise, improve engagement and report results on a business’s social media channels of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to drive visitor conversions.
  • Understand how to use Facebook & Instagram Advertising strategically to attract new customers and drive more customer conversions
  • Learn which social media analytics a business REALLY needs to focus on to measure their social media success (via Social Analytics and Google Analytics) so they can report back to key stakeholders the real return on investment for their business.
Email Marketing
  • Understand how investing in email marketing supports your overall marketing strategy, to attract and convert more prospects into customers
  • How to get set up for success with an email service provider or how to optimise your existing email service provider
  • Understand how to deliver personalised email marketing campaigns to drive more engagement + conversions with customers.
  • Discover how to design an email update that people actually want to open, read and engage with it
  • Learn how to use email automation to save you time and systemise some of your regular customer communications
  • Learn how to monitor and measure your email marketing success
Customer Advocacy, Online Reputation Management + Location Marketing
  • Understand the critical importance of managing a business’s reputation online (especially on social media + review websites) and how it can make or break a business
  • Learn what to do (and importantly not to do!) if a business receives negative feedback online, on channels such as WikiCamps and TripAdvisor.
  • Discover practical tips on how to amplify a business’s happy customers love on social media, TripAdvisor and other review websites
  • Recommendations of tools to centralise monitoring and managing a business’s reputation online
  • Learn how optimise a business online so it can be found in location via Location Based Apps and Online searches, such TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and Instagram GeoLocations.
  • Learn how to deliver personalised online visitor servicing via Facebook Messenger and other key Live Chat and Messaging Apps.

The flow of content was appropriate for participants which is the beauty of working with a specifically designed program... it wasn’t just rolled off the shelf and delivered the same as another region.

As an industry and as a region we face time and distance hurdles when planning to deliver training and development along with important networking events. This has been evidenced by the seriously low numbers of participants in any training events or functions organised.

Paige and Rebecca’s Marketing Mentoring Program enabled our tourism operators to learn from their desk or home, saving travel and valuable time by utilising online webinar technologies. During the program, the flow of content was appropriate for participants that is the beauty of working with a specifically designed program, it wasn’t just rolled off the shelf and delivered the same as another region. It catered for the maturity level of our diverse region.

Paige & Rebecca understood our barriers for progress and helped work with us to break them down and develop operator confidence in the online space as individual businesses, but also had the positive effect of helping us have an enhanced online presence as a region. In our Program, we had 22 registered participants and while we cannot compare figures with this format, we certainly acknowledge Tourism eSchool’s development of the concept, the content and delivery of the program to engage such a high number of operators spread across a large geographical area.
Biddie Shearing, Regional Development Australia, Limestone Coast

Mentoring Program
case studies


This Program was has been a game-changer for our business!

Our business has completely turned around since starting this course. By actioning what I've learned, we've finalled in an Australia-wide pet-friendly accommodation award and seen social-media engagement convert to back-to-back bookings for the next three months. Thank you!
Beverley Eikli, Wuthering Heights, Clare Valley

As an experienced & successful secondary educator, I highly recommend this course and these facilitators.

Paige & Rebecca provided a positive and constructive learning experience. Highly informative and very engaging content and tasks. They provided genuine support and personalised the experience where required. Professional and efficient delivery of meaningful content. As an experienced & successful secondary educator, I highly recommend this course and these facilitators.
Susan Stokes, 3 Willows Vineyard

It was professionally run, very informative, easy to understand format, and Paige and Rebecca were friendly and engaging.

The program was exceptionally well presented. It was professionally run, very informative, easy to understand format, and Paige and Rebecca were friendly and engaging. There was up to date information, provided in a supportive environment, great resources and an endless amount of suggestions on how I can improve what I do. Thanks to Paige, Rebecca and the funding partners - highly recommended!
Jenny Archer, Latrobe Council

A highly engaging and concise marketing program which was extremely helpful for our business.

Very well mapped out program and the delivery was engaging and well prepared. I loved that every major point was discussed and then explained through local South Australian examples. Lots of research and time was put in by the facilitators who were very knowledgeable and experts in this area and experts in all things South Australian. I would highly recommend for all tourism business to engage Paige and Rebecca for similar training in the future.
Adele Agars, Sevenhill Cellars, Clare Valley

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If one of your organisational objectives is to deliver capacity building for tourism operators in your destination, then we’d love to work with you to design a Program that meets the needs of your industry.

To get the ball rolling, start by sharing your training goals with us, and we will be in touch to talk through some options as soon as possible!

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