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Tourism Industry training

Our journey as tourism industry training partners began in 2012 with the crafting and delivering inspiring, relevant, insightful and practical workshops and webinars for the Australian tourism industry.

Fast forward 10 years, we've shared our learnings at over 50 industry workshops and speaking engagements and bespoke mentoring programs for destinations, with the same goal of supporting businesses and destinations to build resilience and thrive amidst headwinds, whilst still delivering exceptional experiences for future visitors.

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Our philosophy on industry education

As a team of dedicated tourism practitioners, collectively we have a breadth of skills, experience and knowledge to craft relevant and thought provoking learning journeys for the industry.

We pride ourselves on delivering contemporary content that is based on 'new thinking' and constantly challenge ourselves through our own learnings, to distil complex information into insights that are meaningful for businesses who are operating in an ever-changing, volatile landscape.

We see our role in industry education as the facilitator of learning journeys, with the primary responsibility of creating active learning opportunities for participants to collectively identify challenges, and guiding discussion to co-create solutions.

This ground-up, thoughtful and agile approach to thinking and learning underpins everything we do at Tourism eSchool. Sharing the practice of active listening, deep thinking, collaboration and continuous improvement are important business foundations that we endeavour to teach through our workshops to build the resilience of industry from the inside out.

workshop facilitation methodology

As training facilitators, our key priority is to ensure we share our learnings to get the very best outcomes for participants.

We understand that businesses are currently limited of time to learn new concepts, and so it's critical to ensure they way in which we deliver the learning is relevant, inspiring, and fills them with confidence to act and apply their new knowledge.

Through a series of Learning Modules, our intention is to engage industry in an active learning process, which includes:

  • Structured learning around a topic area
  • Strategic alignment of topic with business/destination priorities
  • Using real life case studies as a way to inspire new thinking
  • Collaborative thinking process to identify consistent challenges, and co-creation potential solutions together (where appropriate)

It is our intention that each participants walks away from our workshops feeling inspired, empowered to make change, and united through a chance to network with their colleagues on the same journey as them.

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Clearly experts in their field, and very willing to share knowledge and expertise and passion for the sector.

I have found the 'Reignition Program' to be energising and has provided lots of theory and practical advice for running a tourism business. More than just how to do social media or a website - they took us on a journey to think about our product offering, our customers and how we communicate with them. Paige and Rebecca were both fabulous and I would highly recommend.
Jenny Smith, Owner, Mont Rouge Estate | Cocoa Rouge Chocolaterie


for tourism operators

For Local Government + Regional Tourism Organisations

The webinars were easy to follow along and the accompanying workbooks helped make it easy to turn the information into real actions I could take for my business.

As a micro business and a business owner with no marketing skills, who like all tourism business suffered under Covid, the title of this program - Re-ignition - certainly delivered on its promise. Rebecca and Paige put together a thorough program that left me feeling empowered with strategies I can use to move my business forward.
Carolyn Parker, Owner, Locked In Escape Rooms

Past Workshops +

We have been fortunate to present at the following conferences, training days and workshops.

  • Mornington Peninsula Reboot Program. 5 Module Mentoring Program (Feb - April 22).
  • Northern Beaches Council - Tourism Mentoring Program
    4 Module Mentoring Program (February - March 2021)
  • Tenterfield Shire + New England Shire Mentoring Program, October - December 2020
    6 Modules on Marketing Strategy, Product Experience Development, Content Marketing, Website Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Customer Advocacy.
  • South Australian Tourism Commission
    Tourism Marketing Academy – COVID-19 Reboot
    7 Modules on Marketing Strategy, Product Experience Development, Content Marketing, Website Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Advocacy. Run in April and September.
  • Clare Valley Tourism Region, September 2020
    Workshop Presentation on educating local Tourism Experiences on Storytelling and Social Media Marketing.
  • Australian Regional Tourism - What Tourism Businesses Can Do to Navigate Covid-19.
  • Local Government NSW Tourism Conference, March 2020 Masterclasses on Customer Journey Mapping
  • Australian Regional Tourism Convention
    Workshop Presentation on Educating Regional Stakeholders on the Value of Tourism, October 2019
  • Cradle Coast Marketing Mentoring Program, May-August 2019
    6 Modules on Marketing Strategy, Product Experience Development, Content Marketing,
    Website Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, Advocacy
  • Hobsons Bay City Council Workshop, Experience Development, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Location + Advocacy Marketing, + Website Optimisation
  • Adelaide Hills Tourism Marketing Workshop
    Masterclass presentation, Blogging + Search Engine Optimisation, May 2018
  • Tourism Tropical North Queensland's Small Business Workshop
    Masterclass presentation, Blogging + Email Marketing, March 2018
  • Australian Regional Tourism Convention
    Masterclass presentations, Visitor Servicing Towards 2030, October 2017
  • South Australian Tourism Industry Council Service IQ Workshop + Webinar
    Masterclass presentations, Blogging, SEO + Storytelling, July/August 2017
Paige Wallaroo Workshop

Rebecca's energetic, professional, and informative approach made her the ideal speaker for captivating a range of audiences.

I loved Rebecca’s presentation at Melbourne’s Tourism Fest in the West Conference ‘The Art of Leveraging the Power of Social Media with Engaging Photos and Videos’. It was jam-packed with useful tips, ideas and strategies for enhancing digital communication. Whilst I have heard many presentations on social media, this was by far one of the best. I am sure I am not alone in saying that I could of listened to Rebecca all day! Her energetic, professional, and informative approach made her the ideal speaker for captivating a range of audiences. I definitely recommend her and Tourism eSchool as speakers at Tourism events!
Tennille Bradley, Coordinator Economic Development and Tourism, Melton City Council