It was great to join you at the 2016 Cradle Coast Regional Tourism Forum!

We hope you got some great takeaways and you are inspired to reinvigorate your tourism experience + start implementing your customer advocacy tactics!



Rock your Tourism Experience!

  • Providing your customers with an amazing experience is the best way to market your tourism business
  • Building anticipation and encouraging positive memories is as important as your “actual” experience
  • What can you show customers once they have decided to book or visit to give them something to look forward to? Via confirmation think about recommend they follow your social media feeds, share helpful information for planning and relevant weather updates.
  • What “time limited” tourism experiences do you have that your Ideal Customer would love? How can you frame in a way to make them a treat for your customers? Think of short term events in your region such as wildlife, landscape changes, produce, events or school holiday activities.
  • How can you help your customers “immerse” themselves fully in your tourism experience & region? Can you recommend or include local experiences as part of your product?
  • How can you help your customers “focus” their choices that feels helpful and reduces the stress of decision making?
  • What can you do to make your customers feel “special” (even compared to other customer?)
  • What is your customer’s last impression of your tourism experience? How can you make it a positive one?
  • How can you reinforce the positives and displace the negative of customer’s experience with you?
  • Are you getting the basic’s right of arrival communication and great staffing?


Amplify Your Customer’s Love

  • What your happy customers say about you is the most trusted form of advertising. Ensure you collect and amplify it!
  • Specifically ask and/or enable customers to share before, during and after their experience with you.


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