5 Ripper Article Ideas for your Tourism Blog

By Paige Rowett
Published on July 17, 2015

There is nothing more stressful than knowing that you need to publish a blog post, and struggling to think of what to write about, and how to get it down on (virtual) paper!

To help you out, I thought I would share a few creative post ideas tourism brands are publishing, which are receiving awesome leverage in social feeds and on their websites.

1. The ‘Best Of’ Post

Queensland’s Official Tourism Blog has some amazing content ideas – are are definitely one of the best destination blogs online at the moment (in my opinion anyway), but I thought for this post I’d highlight their ‘Best Of’ series of blog posts. ‘Best Of’ posts are a great way to show off your destination’s premium, hero products – which are often those products that will influence visitors propensity to travel.

They got great traction for their ‘Queensland’s Australian Animals Encyclopaedia‘ Post with social shares, and on Twitter.



2. The ‘Itinerary’ Post

I absolutely love Travel Oregon’s Trip Ideas section of their website… Not only do they have really creative content ideas, but they make it easy for the consumer to picture themselves actually undertaking itineraries. For destinations, this type of posting also allows you to create genuine, relevant links to tourism operator websites in the content of your post, which will help improve the search engine rankings of their webpages, as a destination website holds better Global Popularity and PageRank in comparison to operator websites in the eyes of Google!

The below post is great, because whilst it is an itinerary, it is also a story, which is way more engaging than just a bunch of links and a map! You can also see that the post got fantastic support on their Facebook Page too…



3. The ‘Meet a Local’ Post

One of the aspects that makes a holiday amazing is the people you meet along the way. So in one of your posts, you could publish an interview of a character who epitomises your region’s personality. Interviewing a local is also great way to include some independent advice into your organisation’s blog is to invite locals to contribute to your blog in a ‘Meet the Local’ category.

Tropical North Queensland do this really well, especially in their ‘This is my Paradise’ series, which is based on short videos of locals talking about their experiences living in the region.



British Columbia’s blog blog.hellobc.com also have a blog series called ‘People of the Wild‘ which features locals who love BC Wild.


4. The ‘Top X’ Posts

This is your ultimate tourism to-do-list post. This is a relatively easy post to put together, you just need to think of a specific product type, and then pump out the top number of options, followed by creative reasoning as to why it made the list. Entrepreneurs use this tactic a lot for industry specific content, and it is also a great post tactic for destinations and operators. Tourism Whistler have published a number of these post types on their ‘Insider’ blog, including the below post … which has also been a hit on their Facebook Page!

5. The ‘Curated Content’ Post

If you are currently curating & collecting content from your followers and fans on social media through the use of hashtags, then instead of just re-sharing that content on your website in a live feed, you should organise the content into different experiential categories on your blog, just like this post on from Michigan’s Travel & Tourism Blog. If you optimise the images for search engines using relevant search terms, not only will you be able to leverage Google’s Image Search Results, you will also have amazinly inspiring, un-biased, evergreen content for your blog!

More Blog Post Ideas…

  • Behind the Scenes / A Day in the Life – People are genuinely interested in people, what they do in their job, which is why this type of post attracts so much engagement. This type of post works well for those tourism operators who have realtively hands-on outdoor roles, such as tour operators, wineries, diving, surfing etc.
  • Video PostAccording to Think With Google Insights, 70% of people who watch travel related videos choose a destination based on the video content they have seen online. So instead of writing your next post, see if you can record it on your smartphone, upload to YouTube, and embed in your blog!
  • Sub-Regions – Most destinations are made up of villages and hamlets, so why not start a series of blogs about each of these smaller pockets in the region, which will communicate and segment the destination into bite size chunks, and hopefully give people more reason to stay an extra day or two.
  • Holiday Type – People will often want to go on a certain type of holiday before they choose their destination, whether it’s food and wine, coastal, bushwalking or outback, so it’s great idea to create a series of posts that address all of the key experiences and themes.

Do you manage a Tourism Blog?

If you own or manage a blog for your destination or business, then we’d love to see it! Just pop a link to it in the comments section below, as we’re always on the lookout for fanastic examples to share with our tourism community!

Paige Rowett

Paige is a tourism marketing specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. After growing up on a farm on Eyre Peninsula, and now managing a mixed farming enterprise with her family in the Clare Valley in South Australia, Paige has a genuine love and drive for developing thriving local communities. She is passionate about educating stakeholders in the value of the Visitor Economy and supporting tourism businesses to build sustainable businesses they love.