3 Story Ideas that Attract and Convert Your Ideal Customers
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3 Story Ideas that Attract and Convert Your Ideal Customers

By Rebecca White
Published on December 10, 2018

Are you looking for ideas of content to share on Social Media or your Blog?

Following are three stories ideas that you can tell via social media photos, short social videos, Instagram Stories, live broadcasts or your blog that will help attract and convert more of your Ideal Customer to visit your Tourism Business or Destination.

1. Inspiring Stories

Travel is all about inspiration.

I know I have chosen many a travel destination after seeing a single, beautiful photo or short video of a destination.

Research also tells us that people are increasingly choosing a tourism product or destinations based on a photo or video seen online.

Inspiring stories are also also what stops people scrolling their newsfeeds, and escape from whatever they are doing for a few seconds!


  • Colourful sunrises or sunsets
  • Beautiful views and landscapes
  • Delicious looking food
  • Cute wildlife
  • Interesting activities, such as ones that are relevant to your Ideal Customers, such as wine tasting, hiking, fishing, relaxing etc.
  • Seasonal changes and what that means to your destination – snow, floods, rain, autumn etc


South Australia's Facebook + Instagram accounts are full of inspiring visual stories of often lesser know destinations and businesses around South Australia.

2. Helpful Stories

Everyone loves it when they find a solution to their problem.

And let's face it, when planning a trip, there are lots of questions that need answering, such as

  • What shall we do?
  • What shall we see?
  • Where do we eat
  • What's on?

When you help people, it builds trust with them, they remember you, and they are more likely to consider your tourism experience when the time is right for them to buy or visit.

To come up with this these story ideas, think about the specific questions your Ideal Customers ask you?

What problems can you solve through a blog article on your website or a great photo shared on social media media?


  • What's On: Share what events are coming up relevant to your Ideal Customer.
  • Best Of: List posts of things like best "coffee"/"playgrounds"/"look outs" etc that relate to your Ideal Customers
  • Where to eat:  Such as where’s the best spot for breakfast, coffee, casual lunch with kids etc.
  • Itineraries: People love help planning their visits. Put together blog articles like "A Day In <location x>" or "48 Hours in <Location x>" or "How to get your <business/destination> from <destination y>"


  • Visit Queensland share many super helpful blog articles to help plan a trip to Queensland.

3. Everyday Unusual Stories

Our Tourism Businesses and Destinations are made up of everyday stories.

These may seem boring to you, or not worth telling.

However, to our potential visitors or customers, many of these are really fascination, inspiring and highly entertaining.

Often behind the scenes or a day in the life content (video, Instagram Story, Live Broadcast), are super amazing.

They share more of who we are, what makes our tourism experience unique and help build all important trust with potential customers.


When we run workshops with Tourism Business or Destinations, we are always by all the cool everyday story ideas they came up when brainstorming ideas of their own Everyday Unusual stories. These include.

  • People – a day in the life of a staff member, interview your visitors visitors, interview or share a story of a local character in your region.
  • Place – what's happening that's unique? Think weather events, wildlife, seasonal impacts, sunrise/sunsets
  • Product – share behind the scenes of your business, event or destination. Take visitors in your kitchen, out on tour, in the vineyard etc
  • Behind the scenes – events, businesses

Others who are sharing great Inspiring, Helpful and Everyday Unusual Story?

Over our years are training, following our our current mix of tourism brands doing a great job storytelling online!


Tourism Operators

Over to you

Which of these story ideas could you start telling about your tourism brand today on Social Media or your Blog articles?

Rebecca White

Rebecca is a tourism marketing specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. Rebecca loves working with tourism destinations & operators to create sustainable marketing strategies. Her specialty areas are tourism marketing strategy, visitor servicing, visitor engagement, social media, customer advocacy, customer experience, content marketing & blogging.

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