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How to Win Customer Micromoments in the Travel Industry

By Paige Rowett
Published on February 11, 2018

Mobile has undoubtedly changed the landscape for marketers – with customers using their devices at all stages of the purchase journey – whether it be searching via text or voice on Google, accessing maps, reading emails, trawling through social media, or sharing their life’s story.

The use of mobile has introduced the ‘snacking’ of content and information online, as apposed to long research sessions.

According to Think With Google’s customer research, we spend a significant amount of time ‘informing’ ourselves during short online bursts where we actively engage with branded content to help solve our problems throughout every single purchase journey.

These short bursts are what Google has dubbed ‘micromoments’, each a critical touchpoint in the consumer journey, which ultimately dictates how the journey will end. Essentially, these moments are an open invitation for tourism brands to engage and influence their Ideal Customers.

Below is an example straight from the research, where Google tracked consumer ‘Amy’, who had 419 micromoments as she planned her trip, over 2 months – with 87% of the digital moments happening on a mobile device.

So our challenge as tourism marketers is to be there for your Ideal Customers when they need us…


Winning Your Ideal Customer’s Micro-Moments

Whilst we may not be able to be present for every single micromoment, we can try and optimise for a few realistic moments.

Google’s research revealed that people are more loyal to their need in the moment, rather than any particular brand, which opens up a huge opportunity for those tourism brands with relatively low brand awareness.

So, in order to capture people in their moments of need, there are 4 things you can do:

Brainstorm the ‘Moments’ you could capture your Ideal Customer’s attention

Take time to brainstorm what potential questions your Ideal Customers will have along their whole purchase journey as it relates to your product or destination. Think of what will inspire them, and what will help them?

Identify Content that will help solve their problems in those Moments

Once you have a clear list of potential questions, then it’s time to start thinking of clever and interesting ways to solve these problems. They are looking for the most relevant, clear cut information… remember, they are reading information in short bursts and need answers quickly.

Once you have your content sorted, publish and optimise it for search engines, so that you can ‘be there’ when your customers are using Search Engines to find solutions to their questions.

Be found in Mobile Search Results

Having a mobile responsive website is critical if you want your webpages to be visible in mobile search result pages. In April 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly page ranking algorithm which is designed to boost mobile friendly webpages in mobile search results. Which basically means, that only mobile friendly webpages will be visible in Google search results on handheld devices. To see if your webpages are mobile friendly, type in your webpage URL in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Ensure a seamless online experience

This is huge, and goes without saying. People are wanting information fast and they aren’t willing to wait around, according to Google’s research 40% of people will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site. If you’re not sure how fast your web pages load then check out PageSpeed Insights tool to rate your site’s load time and generate custom recommendations to increase your site’s speed.

If you’ve got a mobile responsive site, and it loads quickly, top work, but that is just the start. Optimising your checkout process is the next major step to operating a seamless experience as no-one wants the rigmarole of a 10 step checkout. So you may like to speak to your developer or your booking engine about how you can ensure the process for purchase is quick, intuitive, and optimised for mobile. But in the mean time, here are a few ideas from KissMetrics on how to optimise your checkout process >

Micromoments are the Cornerstone of your Marketing Strategy

Understanding your Ideal Customer’s micromoments is literally the cornerstone of your website and content marketing strategies, as the more we are able to refine the content we publish for our Ideal Customers and their needs, the more engagement it will receive, and therefore, we will be more likely to convert those customers into visitors.

Paige Rowett

Paige is a tourism marketing specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. Paige is passionate about working with tourism destinations & operators to create sustainable marketing strategies, specialising in marketing strategy, customer advocacy, customer experience, content marketing, website strategy, search engine optimisation & blogging.
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