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How to Use Facebook Live for Tourism Brands

By Rebecca White
Published on February 9, 2018

Have you thought about sharing a Facebook Live video on your Tourism Business or Destination Facebook Page yet?

Facebook Live allows you to share live video broadcasts as they happen with your Facebook communities and is a brilliant way to connect and engage your Ideal Customers.

In this article we show you how to use Facebook Live to help grow your tourism brand’s awareness and consideration.

Why share a Facebook Live video instead of a pre-recorded video?

Humanises Your Brand

Live video is a fantastic way to allow people to interact with your brand in an even more personal and intimate way than a pre-recorded video. It allows a two-way conversation with people, which is incredible for building trust and consideration around your brand.

Tell Stories in New Ways

It’s amazing for sharing happenings in your tourism brand that people wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. This could be viewing an event live, watching a behind the scene process or interacting with specialist staff they may not normally be able to talk to.

Increased Engagement

People love to watch videos on Facebook!  Facebook Live videos are getting upwards of 10 x comments of pre-recorded videos and people are also spending 3 x the amount of time watching Facebook Live videos compared to videos that are no longer live.  This is because videos are more interesting live than watching them later as a replay.

Increased Organic Reach

Big tip…. Facebook treats Live Videos as a different content type to photos & videos and as a result is giving them higher priority in the newsfeed, so people have more chance to view them when live!  So they are a fantastic content type to share on Facebook to help boost your organic reach.

It’s where your Ideal Customers are hanging out!

Facebook continues to be the dominant social media platform in Australia across all age groups (94% of all internet users are on Facebook, spending on average of 12 hours a week on Facebook!!) as confirmed in the Sensis 2017 Social Media Report. Therefore it makes sense if you are going to invest in sharing live video broadcasts, to share them where your customers are hanging out.

What could you share in a Facebook Live Video?

The main difference with sharing a live video broadcast instead of a pre-recorded video is it gives you the opportunity to have a real-time, two-way conversation with your community.

So think outside the square for topic ideas that can bring your community into the video and conversation instead of one-way, pre-recorded videos.

Think either inspiring, helpful or interesting stories that are relevant to your Ideal Customers and you could put them at the centre of the story, such as:

  • Show an interesting process in your business, such as wine or cheese making, feeding animals or any other interesting activities in your brand.
  • Behind the scenes. Take people for a tour of your tourism experience or a specific location which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.
  • Feature an expert staff member such as an animal keeper, chef, pilot or tour boat captain and encourage them to share their expertise live and encourage questions from the live viewers.
  • Share the unexpected. Experiencing something amazing, like a beautiful sunset, sunrise, unique weather event or special wildlife encounter? “Go live” and allow your Facebook community to experience it alongside you.
  • An event. Broadcasting from an event live allows people who can’t be there in person to still be a part of the experience. A fantastic recent example was on the opening night of Vivid Sydney, where Sydney Opera House broadcast the opening event “Songlines” to a Facebook live audience of over 10,000 and a replayed audience of over 1 million views! You can watch a short 30 second snippet of the live broadcast below or watch the 80 minute replay here!

Tourism Brands using Facebook Live well

Outrigger Resorts

Each Friday Outrigger Resorts broadcast live from one of their resorts, and use a mix of all our suggestions above during their broadcasts. They introduce staff members, take you behind the scenes in their resorts and encourage and respond to questions from viewers tuning in live. Check out #AlohaFridayLive to watch some of their recent broadcasts!

Experience Outrigger Live

Outrigger - Dukes Waikiki

Pure New Zealand

Pure New Zealand are sharing Facebook Live broadcasts from amazing destinations around New Zealand, such as this recent broadcast overlooking Queenstown! Pretty inspiring scenery!

How to get Facebook Live on your Tourism Brand Facebook Page

Download the latest version of the Facebook App to your smartphone. The reason for this is if you have an older version, you still may not be able to see the Facebook Live button on your smartphone.

Once you have done both these things, you should then see the “Live Video” icon when you click on the “Publish” button from your Facebook Page in the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Go Live on Facebook

Share your first Facebook Live Broadcast.

Follow are some tips to help share a more successful Facebook Live broadcast.


We know many of our community get very nervous at the idea about sharing a Live Broadcast. The best way to overcome this is to have a practice first, where no-one can see it but you! To do this, head to your personal Facebook Profile > Post > Facebook Live, and set your privacy to “Only Me”, and have as many goes as you need to feel reasonably comfortably talking live!


If relevant, promote ahead of time that you are going live. This gives people notice you will be live and they can plan to join in advance. This will help you have an audience of people who you can interact with when you go live.

Catchy headline

Come up with a catchy and relevant heading for your live video. Use keywords to describe what you will be showing so it is more easily found via Facebook search. You may also like to add a “Topic” which is a new Facebook newsfeed feature currently being trialled in Australia & NZ.

Have a plan

Have a rough plan of what you are going to show and say BEFORE you start the broadcast. Remember, you are live and can’t edit as you go! Juggling a phone and talking to your live audience can be a bit daunting if you are new to live video broadcasting. Also check out where you are going to be broadcasting to check lighting and sound levels if relevant.

Engage with your audience

This is super important and where the magic of a live broadcast can happen. Without it, you may as well just share a pre-recorded video. Thank them them for joining the broadcast. Encourage questions via comments and then answer them via your audio.

Don’t make it too short

Opposite to pre-recorded social media videos, you want to give people time to see you are live, and then come into the video and engage with you.

Ask them to subscribe

As you are talking, at a relevant point in time, ask people to subscribe in the top right corner of their screen, so they are notified when you are live again.


Tips for a better quality video broadcast

Good quality internet

Broadcasting when you are on WIFI will give you the best quality live video, so try and only stream when you have good connectivity. It can be done when you are off Wi-Fi, just keep an eye on signal strength. Facebook will let you know if the quality is not good enough via a notification just to you on the smartphone screen when broadcasting.

Keep it steady

When sharing a video live, ideally hold your phone horizontally with two hands, and keep your elbows tucked next to your sides. This helps create a nice, stable base for your video and will minimize any shakiness. Alternatively set the smartphone up in a fixed position using a prop or a tripod like a gorilla pod.

Pan Slowly

There is a good chance you will want to move your phone when broadcasting. However, make sure you don’t pan too fast; otherwise you may make your viewers dizzy. Plus the WI-FI may not be able to keep up, making the footage grainy or delayed. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and just rotate your upper body slowly, while your elbows remain on your side for a nice even pan.

Make your Facebook Live video work harder for you

The great news is Facebook Live automatically saves and shares your video to your timeline. This is great, as Facebook has found upwards of 60 – 70% of Facebook Live views happen after the event. Also use some of the Facebook editing features to make it more engaging those watching a replay.

Add a call to action button

This which will show up at the end, such as “learn more,” or “sign up,” to encourage your community to take the next steps with your brand.

Choose an engaging thumbnail

This is the preview people see as from your saved broadcast in their newsfeed. Scroll through the frames in the video and choose the frame you are happy with, or upload your own.

How to optimise your Facebook Live video

Share the video on other channels

  • Upload it to your YouTube channel, making sure you include relevant search terms in the description (remember YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google!).
  • Share it on your website. Create a new blog article around the broadcast and embed the YouTube video on your Blog.
  • Share it with your Twitter communities by uploading the video directly to Twitter from your camera roll.

Measuring Facebook Live Video Success

The great news you can track exactly what results your Facebook Live Broadcast had through your Facebook Insights and Google Analytics on your website.

Via Facebook Insights

Facebook has specific Facebook Live Metrics which show you the reach and engagement of your live broadcast.

Reach Metrics

These let you know how many people saw your Facebook Live video. These metrics indicate an increase in Brand Awareness for your tourism brand.

  • Peak Live Viewers
  • Minutes Viewed
  • Unique Viewers
  • Views
  • 10 Second Views
  • Average % Completion

Engagement Metrics

These show how engaged people were in your Live video broadcast. This is an indication of growing engagement and trust around your brand.

  • Total Engagement, made up of Reactions, Shares and Comments

Via Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you great insights into what action people took after viewing your Facebook Live Broadcast if they came to your website.

Engagement Metrics

Look at the date you ran your Broadcast/s, and head into Acquisition > Source > Social Referral > Facebook

  • How many people visited your website?
  • How long did they stay on your website and how many pages visited?
  • Bounce/Exit rate

Conversions Metrics

Did they then take a step to find out more about your tourism brand? Remember though, Facebook Live and social media are all about building awareness, a relationship and trust – it’s not the best spot for sales. If you do get some conversions, that’s a nice bonus!!

  • Signed up for your eNews
  • Download a brochure
  • Made an online enquiry/booking
  • Contacted you via phone or email

Social Media Examiner also share other great tips on how to share a better Facebook Live broadcast which expands on some of the points in this blog post, so we recommend you have a read.

Over to you

Have we inspired you to give Facebook Live Video a try?

We’d love you to let us know in the comments below if you are using Facebook Live or going to give it a try so we can check it out and come and join your live broadcast!

We’d also love to update this blog post with more live examples, so do share below!

This blog post was first published in 2016 and was updated for accuracy in February 2018





Rebecca White

Rebecca is a tourism marketing specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. Rebecca loves working with tourism destinations & operators to create sustainable marketing strategies. Her specialty areas are tourism marketing strategy, visitor servicing, visitor engagement, social media, customer advocacy, customer experience, content marketing & blogging.

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