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How to Setup & Manage your TripAdvisor Business Listing

By Paige Rowett
Published on October 6, 2018

If you are wanting to know how to set up and manage a TripAdvisor listing for your tourism business, then you are in the right place!

As the world’s largest travel review website with over 385 million reviews and opinions from travelers around the world, and with more than 6.6 million businesses and properties in 135,000 destinations, TripAdvisor is a key marketing opportunity for all tourism businesses.

Every tourism business and destination should be optimising and managing their TripAdvisor listing because:

  1. It is FREE Word of Mouth marketing, which the most trusted form of advertising;
  2. It is a FREE tool for your customers to rate and review your business, and for you to build relationships with your customers
  3. It is a FREE, high-quality inbound link into your website, which helps your business to be found in search engine results by your potential customers.
  4. It offers transparency for your business – TripAdvisor is popular as it is an unbiased platform in which customers can use in their decision-making process, and;
  5. It gives businesses an indication about the quality of their product/service – which is a great way to collect information for ongoing improvements to business management.

Below is a step by step process to of claiming, optimising and promoting your listing on TripAdvisor, to encourage more positive reviews from your Ideal Customers.

1. Join TripAdvisor

In order to manage an account you will need to set up a personal account with TripAdvisor. To do this, simply click on the ‘Join’ link at the top right hand corner of the page and follow the prompts.

Set up a TripAdvisor Listing

2. Search for your Business Name

The idea behind TripAdvisor is that anyone can start a new business listing – a business owner, or customer… and it will then be there for everyone in the world to see. So it is important that you (as a business owner) are aware of whether your business has been listed in order to be able to manage it, as it is your business’ reputation at stake.

So, once you’ve got your personal account set up, start typing in your business name in the search box on the TripAdvisor’s ‘Find and Claim Your Listing’ Page. If your business name doesn’t come up as it should, it may be typed in incorrectly, or using other words, so do a few different combinations to eliminate all the options. You can also type in your location / region (eg. Hunter Valley) and see if you business is listed within your chosen region.

If your business is not listed on TripAdvisor, then you can create a new listing for your tourism experience here > https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/GetListedNew

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are several tourism products that can not get a listing on TripAdvisor, a list of these products are available here > 

3. Claim your Listing & Update Details

If you find a listing that is meant to represent your business, scroll right down to the bottom of the listing and there will be a section called ‘Owners: What’s your side to the story’ and within that section, click on the button called ‘manage your listing’…from there, you’ll be directed to the Management Centre of that listing.

Once you’re in the Management Centre, click on the ‘Manage listing’  icon and follow the prompts to update your business’ contact & location details.

Once you are in this section, you can upload images to your listing, but just make sure that you have small file sizes (150 pixels wide x 200 pixels high) otherwise they will not load, and can crash the site. Please note, that it does take a couple of days for your changes to be processed, so don’t be dismayed if your updates aren’t displaying immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE. You do not need to pay anyone to update your listing – you can do this easily yourself!

4. Manage & Respond to Customer Reviews

Once you have got confirmation from TripAdvisor that you have control over your listing, you can go into your Management Centre and reply to your reviews – all you need to do is click on the ‘Respond to Reviews’ tab (as per the below screenshot).

From there, you have the ability to write responses to any review on your listing. Remember, you can not delete reviews, so whether your reviews are good or bad, ensure to write a response to every review.

If you are tackling a negative review, ensure you address their concerns in a positive way, thanking them for their feedback, identifying what steps you intend to take to bring about a resolution for their issues.  It’s important to remember that when writing managerial responses to reviews you are not only responding to the person who made the comment, but your comments are also being read by potential customers too.

TIP. If you are concerned about negative reviews on your listing, do have faith that most people can ‘see through’ unwarranted reviews, and will look more holistically at all of your reviews to form an opinion on your business!

5. Check your listing is appearing on the TripAdvisor app

As one of the most downloaded rate and review apps across the world, it is essential that your business appears where it should on the TripAdvisor App. So, if you haven’t already downloaded the app from the Android Market, or Apple Store, then this is your first job!

Once you’ve downloaded it onto your smartphone / tablet, see if you can find your listing through a regular search (eg. search for your business name, and also search for a location and see if your listing comes up where it is supposed to). If the listing is appearing as it should – that’s fantastic… if not, then you will need to go back into your management centre and make adjustments to your listing as required.

Time to get your listing sorted!

Hopefully I’ve given you a good starting point to updating and managing your business listing on TripAdvisor. Remember, your much better off managing and therefore influencing the impact of TripAdvisor for your business, rather than ignoring it and risk your business’ reputation by leaving positive and negative comments unattended!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Tourism eSchool is not a subcontractor or employee of TripAdvisor, therefore we can not assist you with any listing queries or issues you have. You will need to speak to your State/National TripAdvisor Representative or visit the TripAdvisor’s Help Centre to mitigate your issues.


Last Updated: October 2018
As TripAdvisor changes regularly, this post has been updated several times since it was first published in May 2013.

Paige Rowett

Paige is a tourism marketing specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. Paige is passionate about working with tourism destinations & operators to create sustainable marketing strategies, specialising in marketing strategy, customer advocacy, customer experience, content marketing, website strategy, search engine optimisation & blogging.

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  1. Tim Nguyen on at

    Hi Paige,
    I’ve just read your instructions about using and managing the tripadvisor website. It is very easy to understand and useful to me.
    I am an owner of a travel company named Water Puppet Tours, and I am trying to put my site on the Tripadvisor, I already did it several time, event emailed to Tripadvisor and wait but no one reply. Until now, my information does not appear on Tripadvisor. I do know what I was wrong on processing. Could you please show me what I have to do now?
    I posted my information through this link: http://www.tripadvisor.com/GetListedNew
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,

  2. Tim Nguyen on at

    Sorry, this is my website: http://www.waterpuppettours.com

    With best regards,


    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Tim,

      That is very strange… have you contacted TripAdvisor via email to see what they’re thoughts are on the issue? Check out this page first (https://www.tripadvisorsupport.com/hc/en-au/articles/200614457), and if you have no luck with their direct instructions, then contact them directly – That is probably the best place to start. The other option may be that you ask a current customer to review your business (and in that case they would have to set up a listing for you) to get a listing on TA, and then you can go in an manage it? Keep us up to date with how you go? Cheers, Paige

  3. Fran on at

    we are taking over a motel shortly and the previous owner has bad reviews, what steps do we take to change over to us and start with a new slate
    Thank you for your time, regards Fran

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Fran,

      Many thanks for your query!
      Becuase TripAdvisor is a user-generated social platform, for which tourism operators can only claim and moderate, not control, it doesn’t allow business owners to delete any comments or reviews from the listing. So in your situation (which i imagine is a common one!) I would update the business information to reflect the change in ownership, and then encourage as many reviews from current customers as you possibly can to start to turn your listing’s overall rating around.
      It certainly is not the ideal situation, but unfortunately this is all you can do – except maybe contacting TripAdvisor themselves to see if there is another solution for you?
      Goodluck, and let me know how you go!

      Cheers, Paige

  4. Liz Coulter on at

    Hello Paige, I wonder if you would if you would be able to offer me some information regarding an application I have just completed for a business TripAdvisor listing, nothing about the process is reassuring the application just seems to disappear into the ethers and you are left with nothing to refer to or check over ! I realise too late I have made a mistake in the application which is, I stated ‘other’ instead of ‘owner’ in relation to my connection with the business listing, will TripAdvisor give me the opportunity to rectify this mistake, I believe I need to be listed as ‘owner’ or ‘manager’ in order to access and manage the profile and listing? when it eventually appears on the TripAdvisor site and dont know when in the process I can make the change to ‘owner’ nor how easy it is to do or how necessary ?
    Thanking you in anticipation of any helpful advice/reassurance ! 🙂

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Liz,

      Many thanks for your comment – I have just sent you an email with my suggestions 🙂

  5. mirembe stella on at

    hey, thanks for the help

  6. Micheal Sainsbury on at

    Thanks paige…you make it easy for us in the tourism business.

    • Sarah on at

      Can I add a Hotel to existing Company on Tripadvisor? We already have two Restaurants listed under the same Company and I can edit them in Docks under the same Account. Now I am affraid, when I add a Hotel, the TA wouldnt recognise it as a part of the same Company and I don`t want to make the second Account. Thank you.

      • Paige Rowett on at

        Hi Sarah, Thanks for your comment. It would be great if you can you share your current listing with us on email ([email protected]), and we will help you find a solution. 🙂

  7. kat on at

    What if your business is not already listed? Ive tried to add mine twice and its not working.

  8. Emily Sachar on at

    Great article, but I don’t know what to do since my business is new and doesn’t show up in the TripAdvisor search engine. I wish that were clearly explained. Thanks!

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Emily,
      Unfortunately the only way to get a listing is for your customers to create one for you. You can encourage people to create a listing for your product by asking them to review your business on Trip Advisor, and when they see you dont have a listing they can create one there. From there, you can claim your listing as per the detail in the article. Hope that helps?! Cheers, Paige

  9. Ray on at

    I have a Thai Cooking school, http://www.gothaicookingschool.com and for nearly 3 month and 4 attempts its failed. Will try and do as advised by asking our customers to list it

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Ray,
      We suggest that you contact TA direct, as they are the team to help with your query.
      Many thanks, Paige

  10. Elly on at

    Hi, I love this article. I don’t find Trip Advisor very user friendly. As a rental property owner I have a listing but it is not a business listing. Am I able to convert it to a business listing and so keep the reviews? I looked for the tab on the chalet listing that says in section 3 – claim your listing but it is not there. I logged in as another user it is also not there. Thanks for any guidance.

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Elly,
      Thanks for your comment, and yes we hear from a lot of operators it is a difficult system to navigate. You can definitely upgrade your TA listing to a business listing, just visit https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/BusinessAdvantage#/overview?_k=iicwkb and it will go through the ‘Business Advantage’ upgrade details. All you need to do is then contact TA to set it up!
      Cheers, Paige

  11. Chris Jack on at

    Hi Paige, great article because it steps people right through the process and is easy to understand.

    I have to respectfully disagree though with the suggestion that businesses “promote TripAdvisor on their website and Facebook page”. My background is SEO and digital marketing and I run Locus Focus a hotel digital agency.

    Firstly, in terms of any links from TripAdvisor (for example the “website” link that they make you pay for) these are all no-follow links which means they do not carry any SEO benefit at all.

    Linking to a site like TripAdvisor does not infer any SEO benefit either because this actually leaks the website link juice. In fact, hotel websites should be making sure that they also use “no follow” links if they are linking to TripAdvisor.

    There is also the issue that Tripadvisor uses its own metasearch engine to circumvent the hotel and sell directly. Sending guests who are on your website back to TripAdvisor is not in the best interests of encouraging direct bookings!

    We don’t recommend to our clients that they use the TripAdvisor widgets at all, they are also going to slow page load times which is never good.

    Hope this helps some hotel owners, because the last thing they need to do is to help TripAdvisor – they are pretty good at helping themselves!

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Chris,
      Many thanks for your valuable insight, and a great reminder to tourism operators that from a SEO perspective, linking TripAdvisor adds no value to a website’s search engine visibility, and potentially detracts value too.
      The main reason why we believe operators should be linking their TA to their website is to leverage the free Customer Advocacy, which above all, is the most trustworthy marketing tactic for tourism operators. TA is such an integral voice for customers to express their opinions, and is used by people in the dreaming and planning stages of their travel booking process. Having this type of testimonial on a website is critical for increasing conversions.
      In saying that, I’m sure there is a way for tourism operators to leverage their TA reviews using a custom widget on their content management system to draw TA reviews from TA, through to their website, and therefore negating the need for the use of a TA generated app, and thus directing people away from their brand website.
      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the use of the TA app on Facebook, considering Facebook is not owned by individual operators?
      In any case, I wholeheartedly agree that operators need to do what they can to support direct bookings, and perhaps the custom widget/app is the way to go!
      Cheers, and thanks again for your comment!

      • Chris Jack on at

        Hi Paige, sorry about my late reply I just stumbled across this post again five months later!

        Firstly, I misinterpreted your post in regards to the suggestion of linking to a website. I assumed you meant linking to TripAdvisor from the hosts website. That was my mistake sorry…

        However, it should be noted that TripAdvisor does not allow you to link to your marketing website unless you pony up for their Business Advantage package. This is also a bone of contention for me, because there is not a fixed price for this instead you need to call them and discuss it with a salesperson… And it is based on the size of your hotel, which can actually be good for small hotels.

        In answer to your questions and comments, yes I do believe that adding the TripAdvisor app to a hotels Facebook page is a great idea providing they have an excellent TripAdvisor rating (say 4 stars or above). It is probably not a big deal either way, because most hotels do not receive significant traffic to their Facebook page prior to guests booking a room.

        But I still can’t support the use of TripAdvisor widgets on hotel marketing websites. I believe it encourages visitors to move off the marketing website (where direct bookings can be encouraged) and plants that seed in their minds that maybe “they should do a search on TripAdvisor”…

        Your suggestion for the use of an API to retrieve reviews would be fantastic if TripAdvisor permitted this but it is strictly limited to consumer facing speciality travel sites, and is not allowed for direct hotel operators. They encourage the use of their widgets instead (which as noted above – I don’t recommend).

        One final suggestion I would make for hoteliers is to ensure you nominate your primary photo and that this is most appropriate for your hotel. If you have great rooms but no pool, then use a room shot. If you have an amazing pool area and its a holiday destination, then obviously use the pool area photo… so it depends on the property but its a very important step to ensuring you put your best foot forward.

        Hope this helps and can I ask you a question finally, have you noticed problems with the TripAdvisor app not picking up listings and what can be done to remedy this? I thought this was a great suggestion because it is something many people would never think of checking (including myself!). I have added it to our checklist for clients over at Locus Focus! Thanks

  12. James Jordan on at

    Great information. I will try to sign up my tourism business here: http://www.cvstours.com/
    Have not tried adding a widget to my website but thanks for the help can’t wait to try it!

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the content James! Goodluck with optimising your website! Cheers, Paige

  13. Lakhan Tomar on at

    Hey i try to be listed in TripAdvisor and i fill the application more then 10 times but still did not get any respond ,could you help plz?

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Lakhan,

      Perhaps ask your customers to start your profile for you? Otherwise take your issue to TripAdvisor Help, Cheers, Paige

  14. Dial Jones on at

    I liked your online article!
    Question. How can my business have better optimization so my TripAdvisor reviews rank higher within the search engine. Currently, my academy reviews are on the second page.
    Would really like to find a a way to boost onto near top of first page on Google.
    Your thoughts!

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Dial,

      You need to ensure your listing is optimised – substantiative number of reviews that you have on your listing, optimised contact details and photos, and people need to be visiting your page via various sources (to gain authority)… So a couple things for you to think about 🙂

      Cheers, Paige

  15. Bart on at

    Thanks for this excellent guide, Paige.
    It is really helpful.
    I am just starting with my tour studio http://laklaktours.com and building Trip Advisor reputation is one of my first goals.
    I can’t understand how could I list several daily tours on my TA page. It seems that for TA business = single attraction/tour.
    Am I right?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Bart, As you said, it is one listing per operator. This is better for your business anyway, as you can get more reviews on one listing, making it influential, rather than maintaining several listings. If you really want to try and do the separate listings, I would assume that you’d need different localities for each listing, and slightly different name. But this may confuse your potential customers. speak to TripAdvisor about your options. Cheers, Paige

  16. Rahul on at

    We are new start up E-Bike rental company. we would like to post our E-Bike rental plans for the tourists who come to explore Melbourne. Please let me know how we can post our Rental Company Advertisement

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi Rahul, Simply follow the instructions in this blog post, and you will be on your way! Any dramas, contact TripAdvisor, Cheers, Paige

  17. George on at

    Hi Page
    Please can you tell me how the $ sign appears on TA for restaurants. Is it based on review from guests or as a restaurant owner do I have to indicate the $$sign?
    thanks in advance.

    • Paige Rowett on at

      Hi George,
      People reviewing restaurants can choose the price range in which they thought the restaurant was in. The restaurant owner can’t adjust this. Cheers, Paige

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  20. Tessa Edwards on at

    Hi. I am trying to set up an account/page for a weekly live event. The event is over 7 years old and has called the venue (listed a restaurant/bar/grill on trip advisor) we use home for just as long. My challenge is our address for the live event is the same as the venue. How do we work around this.
    Thank you,

  21. Simarjeet on at

    Hello Paige,
    Your article is very nice and informative…
    I am also facing the similar issue of Tim in the below comment…

    Actually I am an Indian tour guide and have been doing the tours of New Delhi (India)…all my guests who does my tours are really happy and wanted me to write a appreciation review or a just a review about my service….I have tried listing my tour as a company name Travelneed but they have not listed me yet and it’s almost long time I have even sent them email but haven’t got reply.

    Could you please let me know how can I be listed …one of my guest suggested that they are willing to send an email to TripAdvisor for the request to list me on TripAdvisor…do you think it will work… where should my giest email to and do I have to do anything before they send any email to TripAdvisor…they also took my picture which they will share with TripAdvisor…so please help me as I am really working hard for my tours and to make the Experiences of my guest memorable…

    Looking forward for your response.

    Best regards,

  22. Lori Castillo on at

    I am attempting to find my business, so I may manage my account, however, I cannot find it. What do I do now?

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