9 Reasons Why Blogging is an Important Marketing Tactic for Tourism Operators

9 Reasons Why Blogging is an Important Marketing Tactic for Tourism Operators

By Paige Rowett
Published on July 18, 2021

In the tourism industry, blogging has to be one of the most important tactics in being able to tell your story, and engage your Ideal Customers in your brand. Blogs are essentially the vehicle for the content that you produce and share in your social media accounts, and also in your enewsletters to your customers.

In this article, I've outlined 9 reasons why blogging should be a key part of your Tourism Marketing Strategy:

1. You Own Your Blog

You own and control your blog content on your own piece of real estate (your website), unlike content you create on social media.

For example Facebook are always changing their rules and are making it harder for your content to show up in your followers news feeds, whereas you know visitors to your website will always be able to see your blog content.

2. Fantastic for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Developing and implementing a SEO strategy is vital for tourism businesses.

Having a blog is a great vehicle for adding fresh content on your website which search engines love, so it will help your webpages to potentially rank higher in search results.

In fact, websites with a blog have tend to have 434% more indexed pages.

If you've optimised your articles for relevant search queries, they are likely to turn up in searches by your Ideal Customer who is typing in their questions into smartphones before and during travel..

3. ‘Evergreen’ content

Blog posts are evergreen content. This just means they are always on your website for new visitors to see. Whereas content you create and share only on email or social media only has a very short life.

Once your customers have read an email update or seen a social media post from you, in only a few seconds they have moved onto their next email or social media post. Blog posts are also really easy for you or others to share, which is a great SEO tactic!

4. Attracts more qualified visitors to your website

When you share your blog articles through your social media platforms and email updates, people physically have to visit your website to read the blog article.

Once you have these people (who are already engaged with your brand) on your website, you have an excellent opportunity to engage them with your product offering, and have a greater opportunity to convert them into a paying customer!

5. It is shareable content

When you create and share awesome blog content that connects with your Ideal Customer, they will hopefully share it, helping spread the word further about your product or service, as it will bring more people to your website to read your blog post.

6. It builds trust and loyalty with your customers

Writing your own blog is a great excuse to keep in touch with your new and past customers.

When you create a new blog article make sure you share it on your social media and send it out via your enewsletter, as this will help to keep your business top of mind (brand awareness) and also remind customers about your product or service for when they are ready to buy for the first or repeat time (brand loyalty).

7. Positions you as a regional expert

A blog helps position you as an expert in your region and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Imagine you were comparing two accommodation providers – as far as their product offering was concerned they were basically the same, the only difference is one had a really helpful blog articles on their website, while the other didn’t.

Considering visitors are always looking for an exclusive experience, being hosted by someone who seems to ‘know their region’ would be a far greater appeal than not.

8. It’s low cost, high conversion

Apart from the cost of getting your web developer to set up a blog on your website and the time it takes to actually produce a blog post, it is a low-cost marketing activity with high potential return on investment.

9. The best bit about blogging, is that no one else is doing it!

There aren’t many tourism businesses blogging (or if they are blogging, they aren’t doing it strategically to attract their Ideal Customer), so it is a great chance for you to become a leader in your product category or region and stand out from your competitors!

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This blog was first written in 2014 and most recently updated in 2021.

Paige Rowett

Paige is a tourism marketing specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. After growing up on a farm on Eyre Peninsula, and now managing a mixed farming enterprise with her family in the Clare Valley in South Australia, Paige has a genuine love and drive for developing thriving local communities. She is passionate about educating stakeholders in the value of the Visitor Economy and supporting tourism businesses to build sustainable businesses they love.