4 Instagram Stories Ideas for Tourism Brands
4 Instagram Story Ideas for Tourism Brands

4 Instagram Stories Ideas for Tourism Brands

By Rebecca White
Last updated May 11, 2020
4 Instagram Story Ideas For Tourism Brands

Instagram Stories offers Tourism Businesses and Destinations a fantastic opportunity to further build trust, consideration and sales or visitors with their Instagram communities.

What are Instagram Stories?

If you hadn't tried them out, Instagram “Stories” are a  feature that allows you to share a slideshow of vertical photos and videos, which are available for viewing for 24 hours. You are able to see "Stories" at the top of the Instagram newsfeed on mobile or on the right when viewing Instagram via desktop browser.

You can learn all about Stories and how to use it in these great resources Instagram Stories for Business and Instagram Story Strategy.

Why share Instagram “Stories”?

Your ideal customers are engaging with it

Currently Instagram  “Stories" has more than more than 500 million people are using it every day. So if your Ideal Customer hangs out on Instagram, there's a good chance they are viewing Instagram “Stories”.

Improved Reach

“Stories” are featured at the top of the Instagram newsfeed. Therefore it's a great way to keep your tourism brand top of mind with your existing Instagram community, especially as Instagram increasingly curates users newsfeed.

Improves Brand Trust and Consideration

Instagram Stories allows you to share more casual and engaging photos/videos you may not want to share on your Instagram Newsfeed. Sharing "Stories" is a great way to help your Instagram community get to know your experience better.

Allows you to create Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are a Instagram Profile features where you can share your best Instagram Stories permanently, and are a fantastic feature to better tell your brand story.  - check out Outback Queensland for a great example of how they are using Highlights.

4 Instagram Stories Ideas for Tourism Brands

Following are 4 ways you could use Instagram Stories to support the marketing of your tourism business or destination.

1. Inspire your potential customers

Sharing stunning photos or videos of your tourism experience is a fantastic way to inspire potential customers to put your tourism experiences on their "must-go" travel bucket list!

100% Pure New Zealand are repurposing beautiful photos with text and map overlays, to help inspire and explain where stunning attractions are in NZ.


2. Take your community behind-the-scenes

People LOVE it when you show them what's happening behind the scenes in your business or destination.

Plus this type of content is great for achieving the objective of building consideration and trust in your brand.

However, behind-the-scenes photos or videos often aren't as glamorous or engaging compared to inspiring photos/videos (see #1). So by using Instagram "Stories" you can take your community behind-the-scenes without impacting your likely curated and beautiful Instagram newsfeed.

Outback Queensland shared this entertaining Instagram Story on the Boulia Camel Races.


3. Launch a new tourism product

Instagram "Stories" is an excellent channel to support the launch of a new tourism experience to your Instagram community.

Visit Canberra recently used Instagram "Stories" to show their Instagram Community around their new international airport terminal.


New York also showcased a new exhibition at Brooklyn Museum via Instagram "Stories"


4. Tell a more engaging stories

Great stories inspire, build trust and convert social spectators into customers and visitors when done right – and Instagram Stories is the perfect channel do this.

Tourism Australia is sharing more in-depth stories Australia’s iconic Tourism Experiences to their global Instagram community, such as these recent "Stories" of Bondi Beach and Scenic World Blue Mountains.

Tip for Australian Tourism Brands > Tourism Australia would love to share your Instagram Stories to their Instagram communities, so check out how to get onboard today. 


4 tips for Instagram Stories Success

This article from Later.com shares 21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories has a wealth of tips. We've also covered our top 4 tips below as well.

1. Create a Real Story with a Beginning, Middle and End.

Don't post random photos and videos to your Stories account for the sake of it. Pick one Story you want to tell for the day, such as "A Day in the Life", "Behind the Scenes "or one of our other ideas above.

  • Beginning - Tell people what they can expect in the story in the first photo/video
  • Middle - Tell the story with mix of photos + videos over no more than say 10 posts.
  • End - Wrap it up in the end in the final Story. Remember people can come in and view in any point in a 24 hour period, so make sure it is clear what the story is about.

There are more great tips on this in this podcast from the 25.30 minute mark.

2. Use all the Story features

Make use of all the Instagram Story features, such as text overlays, stickers, location tags, hashtags, to keep your audience engaged, and also get your Stories seen by your local Destination Marketing Organisations who may reshare with their larger communities.

3. Work smarter not harder

Struggling for time to post Instagram Stories? Give your staff permission to have a go at sharing Stories with your Instagram community. Or ask a visitor to take over for the day, and feature their experience with your business or destination via a Story.

4. Make your Stories work harder for you

If you have put the time into creating cool Stories, put them to work before they expire after the 24 hours.

  • Download the individual photos and videos that make up your Instagram Stories (unfortunately you can’t download the full story as a single file) and re-share natively in your other online communications and social media channels.

5. Track your success

Keep an eye on your engagement metrics and share more Stories of what are getting the most views and engagement. A few Story specific metrics to monitor include:

  • Number of people who view your Story in full
  • Number of direct messages generated from the Story

You can read a breakdown of key Instagram Stories metrics to track in this helpful article.


Over to you!

Are you using Instagram Stories with your Instagram Communities?

If so, share your Instagram address below for us to check out and look at featuring in our training!


This article was original written in November 2016 and was updated in June 2019.

Rebecca White

Rebecca is a visitor economy specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. Rebecca has lived and breathed tourism for over two decades, and is passionate about helping regional tourism organisations adapt and evolve their activities to ensure they are adding value to their local communities whilst also remaining relevant to their visitors ever-evolving values and travel planning patterns.

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    @GoulburnAustralia is only new to the instagram space but we have found it’s been so helpful in creating content across our other socials. How does NZ (and I assume other destinations) upload images from camera roll (rather than taking images directly from app)

    • Hi Paige, great to have you drop by. We will definitely follow @GoulburnAustralia! Good question too. The way to upload images from the camera roll for Instagram Stories is to swipe down from the top of the app, and it will let you access images from the camera roll that were taken in the last 24 hours. You can read how to do there in this article http://www.idownloadblog.com/2016/08/05/how-to-add-photos-videos-to-instagram-story/. There is also a link in the blog post on how you can also share photos/videos that are older than 24 hours. I hope that is what you were after?