3 Ways to Get Stunning Photos and Videos for Social Media

By Rebecca White
Published on October 15, 2015

Are you looking for ways to save time and share better photos and videos on your social media channels?

The issue we all face one, and one Paige & I hear about all the time from our members, is there aren’t enough hours in the day to be consistently creating great content for social media.

So following are three ways you can get your hands on stunning photos and videos for social media to help inspire and spread the word about your tourism experience online!

1. Co-Create

Do you or you staff have an iPhone or other Smartphone? Digital SLR? GoPro?

If yes – then with any of these digital tools, you and your colleagues or staff can create amazing content for social media.

A great example of this is Jesse Desjardin, Tourism Australia’s Global Manager, Social and Content. While his role is to oversee and manage their social strategy, he also gets involved in creating content for their social channels when he is out and about.

During a recent trip to the Margaret River region, he hiked the stunning Cape-To-Cape Track where he recorded video footage of the walk. This footage was then edited into a stunning short video of the walk which was shared on Facebook (view the original post here).


As you can see it is highly inspiring, and I know after seeing it I have put the walk on my hiking bucket list!

The results from this video? It was liked by over 21,000 people, shared nearly 5000 times and nearly 400,000 views on Facebook.

A pretty outstanding bit of publicity for the Cape-to-Cape Track for a small investment in time and equipment!

Plus Tourism Australia could also re-use this video on other online marketing channels such as on their website or YouTube.

Tips from Jesse on how to create a video like this

I asked Jesse for tips on how to create a short video like this, and he shared the following:

  • He used a GoPro Hero and Gimbal to create the high quality and stable footage.
  • He suggested editing your footage using any desktop video editing program, like iMovie for Mac.
  • For royalty free music, check out Premium Beats
  • The steadier the footage you take, the better the quality of the final video.

Don’t feel confident editing your own video?

  • Try finding a colleague or friend who has video editing experience who could edit it for you.
  • Try a service like Candidio and let a professional edit the video for you.

If you would like some more tips and ideas around content co-creation, check out:

2. Curate it

Another great way is to ASK your customers, locals and visitors to share their photos and videos with you.

This is very simple to do.

All you need is a #hashtag that is unique to your business or destination, and ask people to use it when sharing photos and videos.

A great example of a tourism brand doing this well is Adventure Tasmania.

They ask people to use #adventuretasmania on their website and social channels for permission to reshare.

Adventure Tasmania - Instagram

They receive many stunning photos to choose from without the hard work of having to take the photos themselves!


How to set up yourself

  • Brainstorm potential #hashtags for your tourism brand
  • Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, search for these hashtags to see if anyone is using them already. Decide on one that isn’t being used.
  • Tell people about this hashtag in all your online (social profiles, enewsletters & website) and any offline collateral or signage around your tourism experience.
  • Curate and re-share the best content on your own social media channels (or even website), and always credit the original person who created the content.

3. Search for it

Finally, you don’t have to wait for people to share a photo on a #hashtag as per #2.

If you are just starting out with a #hashtag, it can take some time before people are regularly using your hashtag.

So, instead you can do a few seconds of online research and find great photos or videos to reshare.

How to do this yourself

  • Head into Instagram
  • Do a search of popular #hastags of your tourism region (eg #town, #suburb, #attraction, #regionname).
  • Scroll through the images and look for ones that are inspiring and/or help tell a story about a key experience in your region.
  • Via a comment, ask the photographer if they would be ok if you re-posted their photo/video your own social media channel (eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), with a credit back to them. 99% of the time they will be happy for you to do this (who doesn’t love the idea of having their photos shared!).
  • Once they give you the ok, click file “save as” and save the image on your computer.
  • Find the saved photo on your computer and then upload it to your social media channel where you would like to share it.
  • Then via the comment, add you own comments and ALWAYS put link/credit back to the original photographer (demo example below).

NOTE: You will see I haven’t said “repost” the image on Instagram. The reason for this is Instagram Repost Apps put an “ugly” repost icon at the bottom of the photo, which takes you eye away from the great photo. Take the few extra seconds to repost it natively!

Over to You

  • Which one of these content creation tips could you try today?
  • Or are you already using these tips successfully in social media? If so, we would love to hear what has worked well for you in the comments below!

Rebecca White

Rebecca is a visitor economy specialist and co-director of Tourism eSchool. Rebecca has lived and breathed tourism for over two decades, and is passionate about helping regional tourism organisations adapt and evolve their activities to ensure they are adding value to their local communities whilst also remaining relevant to their visitors ever-evolving values and travel planning patterns.