4 steps to get your Facebook fans to join your email list

One of the best ways to help turn your Facebook fans into buyers is to get them OFF Facebook and onto your email newsletter list.


Because with a great email newsletter you can build on the relationship you have with your Facebook fans in their inbox, where they are…

…more likely to buy.

Travel isn’t usually a snap purchase decision made after seeing a Facebook update. Keeping in touch with customers via email means you can put offers in front of your customers for when they are in more of a buying frame of mind.

Note: Retail products/last minute special travel deals are a different story – people will buy in Facebook!!

… much less distracted.

Your fans are distracted when on Facebook. They are happy to like/comment/engage with you if you share great updates, but only for a few seconds before they’ve moved on.  In their inbox, you can communicate more one-on-one with them.

…will actually see your updates.

Most of your email subscribers will see you email updates. But less and less of your fans are seeing your Facebook updates. This is because Facebook is moving towards a pay-to-see-updates. Creating an email newsletter your email subscribers choose to open and read is another story! If you would like help with this check out our Social Media, eNewsletters and Blogging eCourse.


Now you know WHY you need to get your Facebook fans to join your email list, here’s how to do it in 4 steps.

1. Offer an incentive

An incentive means offering something of value to your fans in return for them joining your email newsletter list.

This incentive should be something your Ideal Customer would value, such as >

  • Email only offers – eg last minute deals, early notice of sales etc.
  • Free information they would find valuable that you ONLY share on email.
  • A discount voucher or $$ towards a future booking.

For your business or region, put yourself in your Ideal Customer’s shoes and come up with something that they would value.

2. Create a spot in Facebook for people to join your email newsletter list

You can send fans to somewhere else to sign up, such as a page on your website. Or if you can, the best option is to give your fans the opportunity to join your email newsletter list without having to leave Facebook.

To do this, you need create an email newsletter sign up form in one of your Facebook tabs (the little boxes currently under your main image).

Get free updates example

To do it yourself, read below. Otherwise ask your web developer or social media guru to help set this up for you.

How to create your own email sign up box in Facebook >

Check to see if your email service provider allows your customers to sign up for email updates from Facebook (eg Mailchimp does).

To find this out, google “Add  [insert your email service provider name here] email sign up to Facebook”, and follow the instructions. Otherwise use an app like Woobox to help you.

Use the free graphic design website Canva to create your own App image cover (customer image size 111 x 74 px) and then upload it to replace the standard app image so you have a clear call to action for new visitors to your Facebook Page.

Canva how to create customer App.

3. Ask you fans to sign up for your email updates

When you have point #1 & #2 sorted, you can now share an update in your newsfeed asking your fans to join your email newsletter list.

Create an update with a relevant image that tell your fans what the incentive is (#1) and where to sign up (#2) for your email updates.

I recently saw this good example on Maggie Beer’s Facebook page.

She tells you what you get for joining her email list (monthly updates, exclusive offers and deals) and where to sign up (on her website).

Maggie Beer Sign up

Share an update like this every few months and/or before you send your next email newsletter.

You may also like to try some targeted Facebook advertising so your update is seen by more of your fans.

Tip: To find the URL of your App so you can send people people there from you newsfeed head to > Edit Page > Edit Settings > Apps. Choose your email sign up App.  Click on “Link to this Tab”. Copy and past this link into a URL shortener website like Bitly. Paste the shortened version into your newsfeed update. Voila, you have a short URL address for people to click on and find your email sign up form.

Find link to app.       How to find App URL to share in update

4.  Run a competition

When done well, a competition is a fantastic way to get more of your Facebook fans joining your email list.

We did this a while back when we ran an eCourse scholarship competition.

To enter, our fans had to tell us why they wanted to win PLUS sign up to our monthly eNewsletter.

We shared an update in our newsfeed about the competition a couple of times. We didn’t pay to promote the competition (but we probably would now to make sure more of our fans saw the competition).

And we had great results….

  • We grew our email newsletter subscribers by 35%
  • We also grew our Facebook likers by 10%. This was a nice bonus as it wasn’t the goal of our competition.
  • We also ended up finding one of our most lovely, loyal & repeat customers through the competition!

If you decide to run a competition, there are lots of different ways you can run one. You will also need to know what you can/can’t do in a Facebook promotion.

To find out more, check out this article on Facebook Contest and Promotion Rules 

Over to you. Which steps can you do today to encourage your Facebook fans to join your email list?

About the author, Rebecca White

Rebecca is the co-director of Tourism eSchool, and she loves helping tourism businesses grow their bookings and profits by marketing smarter, not harder. She also helps destinations get more bang for their marketing buck with strategic marketing planning.

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