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We’re so glad you’ve popped by to take a look at what we offer at Tourism eSchool!

For those who don’t know us, we are two passionate tourism marketers, who have both worked in the industry for a number of years in international and destination marketing. Since 2011, we’ve been actively working as tourism marketing strategists in our own consultancies, and came together in 2012 to establish Tourism eSchool, an online education opportunity for tourism operators and destination marketers across Australia, New Zealand, and the world!

The start of something special…

Tourism eSchool was literally born over a coffee catchup at Bec’s place in December 2012. Between double choc tim-tams, we were discussing the lack of supportive marketing training for tourism operators and professional development opportunities available for destination staff in the industry, and decided to join forces and tailor our skills, knowledge and experience especially for this gap. Safe to say, we registered ‘Tourism eSchool’ that night, and it didn’t take long for us to develop our website marketing eCourse training product, launching it in March 2013.

Ramping things up

Since then, we developed and updated 4 tourism marketing eCourses designed specifically for tourism operators; facilitated 3 rounds of our Destination Marketing Mentoring Program with a group of enthusiastic destination staff from across Australia; facilitated tailored marketing mentoring program for tourism operators; and have been lucky enough to be invited to speak at numerous national and state tourism conferences and training events.

Switching gears

They say a ship is the harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for… so we made some big changes in 2016!

  • Whilst our tourism marketing eCourses were our first online training product, and have served us and our Members well, we replaced our 4 eCourses with one, holistic marketing mentoring program specifically for tourism operators – Tourism Marketing Academy & Mastermind, which received rave reviews from our first round of participants finishing in November 2016.
  • After huge success facilitating our first 2 programs, we scaled up our Destination Marketing Mentoring Program for our October 2016 intake, with loads more resources, and announcement of key strategic partners.
  • We’re working with Regional and Local Tourism Organisations to tailor Region specific Marketing Mentoring Programs for Operators.
  • We’ll be working more 1:1 with tourism organisations and local government bodies to create winning tourism strategies and destination marketing strategies

We’ve always thought that if you’re going to be a marketer, tourism is the best industry to work in; often saying to each other how lucky we are to be able to work with such amazing people – just hearing their stories, sharing our knowledge with them, watching and guiding them to implement their learnings, and get the results they are looking for so they can stay on top is definitely what keeps us going, not only as a business, but as people too.

– Paige & Rebecca


Get to know us a little better…



After a 3 year stint working in destination marketing in the Barossa with SATC, and assisting the Australian tourism industry in my own consultancy since 2011, I’ve been fortunate enough to immerse myself in all things tourism marketing for the best part of 10 years.

I love the opportunity to teach tourism businesses & destinations how to find clarity and focus for their marketing spend, by choosing and implementing tactics that will actually make a difference for their business.

I also really enjoy any opportunity to travel Australia presenting at conferences, and facilitating training days and workshops.

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My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Management (Major Marketing, Minor Tourism)
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning – Secondary School

What you may not know about me…

After moving to Adelaide to study Marketing at the age of 17 after a wonderful childhood living in Cleve on Eyre Peninsula, I’m back enjoying a blessed country life with my husband, two children, two dogs, countless sheep, and one very unsociable feline.

I absolutely love working with people across Australia from my ‘Farm’ office in the gorgeous Clare Valley, looking out my bay windows onto the Canola or Hay (depending on the time of year) – something that I would have never considered possible 5 years ago.

After travelling though Europe and UK in my early 20s, I’m loving getting to know my own backyard, spending time vacating around our beautiful country with the family – but only when it’s not seeding, or hay, or harvest, or sheep sale times of the year!






I have been very fortunate to have over a decade of hands-on tourism marketing experience with the South Australia Tourism Commission, including trade marketing, consumer marketing, PR, consumer campaigns, and app & website development.

During this time I got to work with many fantastic Tourism Operators, helping them with their marketing, with a focus on International Marketing. I also received first-hand understanding of the day to day reality of running a profitable tourism business and the many demands on a tourism business owner’s time and money.

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My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism (Event Management)
  • Certificate IV Frontline Management

What you may not know about me…

I grew up on a farm in the southern Clare Valley in South Australia, I’m very fortunate to still have family there and also in the Barossa. Many a family holiday was spent exploring Australia, watching travel shows such as Getaway and reading Dad’s Australian Geographic Magazines inspired my early love of travel and the great outdoors.

As with many of us in the Tourism Industry I love travelling. I have explored just about every corner of South Australia, and many parts of Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. I have a very long list of places to still get to (some you can see on Pinterest). This extensive travel also provides practical experience as your travelling customer.

Travel has been close to home in recent years with the arrival of my two sons, but in good news this is starting to change as they get older! When I have a spare minute you can find me reading in my hammock, pottering in my vege patch or at the beach with my boys!